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AWS Lambda

Build an internal tool on top of your AWS Lambda API

By integrating Amazon AWS Lambda with UI Bakery, you can develop a tailored interface that allows you to execute Lambda function to access various AWS Services and apps installed within AWS infrastructure. The integration simplifies the process of designing a user-friendly interface to manipulate data fetched upon function invocation. This allows you to easily transform and utilize the results of your function calls, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.

Operations we support for AWS Lambda

View your data

Access and modify AWS Lambda data by reading and writing it, as well as visualizing, viewing, and editing it as needed. Delete the unnecessary data.

Add complex business logic

Manage data collections, process the received data. Trigger actions from interface elements.

Add JavaScript code

Tailor your action steps using JavaScript code, allowing you to filter and manipulate your data with custom code.

Manage user access

Designate the appropriate individuals who are authorized to view and edit your data, and restrict access based on the defined permissions.

What you can build with UI Bakery

Explore the UI Bakery functionality to create a solution for your case on top of your database. Build an admin panel, a customer support app, an inventory management tool, or a data visualization app. Glue UI components, data sources, external APIs, third-party services together in one app.

Combine your data with third-party data sources

Integrate AWS Lambda with an internal tool created in UI Bakery

Build using AWS Lambda integration

Effortlessly expedite the efficient creation of your internal tools without the need for any additional time, energy, or resources.