Firebase Admin with AWS Lambda

The Firebase Admin with AWS Lambda is a proficient application empowering you to effectively interact and manage your Firebase database, further enhanced by the power of serverless with AWS Lambda. With this application, you get agility in retrieval, modification, and analysis of your data.

Overview of Firebase Admin with AWS Lambda

Marrying the power of Firebase with the serverless architecture of AWS Lambda, this application offers developers, database administrators and business users a streamlined interface to interact with their Firebase data.

Highlights of Firebase Admin with AWS Lambda

  • Firebase Database Interface: View and comprehend your Firebase data seamlessly within a well-structured table. Modify and manage your data as per your requirements effectively.
  • AWS Lambda for Enhanced Performance: Exploit the efficiency of AWS Lambda to run your code without a server. Enjoy high performance with cost-effectiveness and enhanced scalability.
  • Real-time updates with Firebase: Get real-time database updates with Firebase, ensuring you always have current and accurate data at your disposal.
  • Easy to Use Interface: The UI of the application, developed using the UI Bakery low-code platform, is designed with an importance on user-experience, making data management and interaction simple.

How Firebase Admin with AWS Lambda template works?

UI Bakery enables you to transform your data into dynamic internal tools, leveraging a combination of pre-built and customized components.

Try UI Bakery
  • To initiate, click "Sign up".
  • Establish your organization and create app "From template"
  • Customize your generated application visually by intuitively dragging and dropping components and crafting queries for your resources.
  • Expand the capabilities of this application by linking to your personal database, kickstarting the development of robust internal tools.

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