User - any admin, editor or user of application


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App development mode

Unlimited multi-page applications

Unlimited data sources you can connect

Database queries & API calls via Actions

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User - any admin, editor or user of application


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Everything in Free plus:

End-user mode

Built-in roles: admin, developer, user

Multistep workflows for business logic

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User - any admin, editor or user of application
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Custom roles to control access to your apps

Custom components to extend the system

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Everything in Business plus:

App deployment to your VPS or Cloud, and custom domain

Integration with SSO providers: Google, Okta, Active Directory

A dedicated support engineer assigned to your team

Apps white-labelling

Can I try UI Bakery before paying?
Yes, UI Bakery is free to try. You can build 1 project (application), connect it to your data source, create your own theme. You can download the code of any template available in UI Bakery to check its code quality and structure.
You’ll need to pay only if you decide to download anything custom you’ve built in UI Bakery.
What does UI Bakery do?
UI Bakery is an internal tools builder. It has 25+ ready-made UI components, templates and dashboards you can use to build internal apps. UI Bakery allows you to create internal tools on top of data sources – APIs, databases, third-party services.
Do I need to be a developer to use UI Bakery?
To take full advantage of UI Bakery, you need to have a general understanding of how web apps work, how to make requests to servers, use variables, modify JavaScript snippets.
Frontend development skills are not essential.
What building blocks do you provide?
UI Bakery comes with a set of 25+ components like Tables, Charts, Forms, and Buttons with 10+ column and field types. You can display a Currency value or an Image in a Table cell, add a Datepicker field to a Form, or allow multiple data sets in a Chart. You can work with any data source: UI Bakery has a number of native integrations. You can also work with APIs and database connectors.
Are there any limitations I should be aware of?
You’re not locked in by the current platform functionality. You can develop your own components using React or plain JavaScript. Connect any third-party library like moment.js or lodash to extend the built-in functionality. Embed the created apps into your existing solution, or host the on-premise version of UI Bakery on your own VPS or in the cloud.
What are the Editor and User modes?
You drag-and-drop UI components, connect data sources, create actions, add JavaScript code and business logic in the Builder mode.
In the User mode, you can’t edit anything inside your internal tool (actions, workflows, logic). It allows your app users to access the functionality you’ve created, view the needed data on the dashboards, etc.
How do I deploy my apps?
UI Bakery manages apps deployment and hosting. You can deploy your internal apps just in a click. Once the app is ready for publishing, invite your colleagues to collaborate and use it.
Who is considered as a User in UI Bakery?
A user is anyone who logs in and uses your application. There are 3 types of users in UI Bakery:
- Admin (can edit and create apps, invite other users).
- Editor (can view and edit the apps within your organization).
- Viewer (can only view and use your app).
All your users within one account are billed at the same plan rate. However, you don't have to pay for the users that haven't used your app within a billing period.
Can I deploy UI Bakery on-premise?
Yes. If you need to achieve a better data security level, you can download UI Bakery and keep it in your own VPC/VPN. The setup takes minutes.