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Can I try UI Bakery before paying?
Yes, UI Bakery is free to try. You can build 1 project (application), connect it to your data source, create your own theme. You can download the code of any template available in UI Bakery to check its code quality and structure.
You’ll need to pay only if you decide to download anything custom you’ve built in UI Bakery.
Can I get an invoice? 
We process all the payments via Stripe. After paying for your subscription, you’ll get an invoice. If you need to get a custom invoice before paying, we can provide it by prior agreement. In any case, payments are made by card. To request a custom invoice, write to [email protected].
How do I change my subscription plan?
You can upgrade or cancel your subscription anytime via your UI Bakery account.
If you upgrade, we recalculate the sum you need to pay this month according to the rest period till the next payment date. Thus, you don’t overpay. If you want to downgrade, you need to cancel your subscription and apply for the needed plan.
What payment methods do you offer?
We accept credit and debit cards, i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay. Payments are processed via Stripe.
How can I cancel my account plan?
There are 3 possible options to cancel your plan in UI Bakery:
1. Cancel a plan in your account.
2. Disable the Auto-renew option in your account.
3. Write to [email protected] and specify what you need.

The plan will be canceled at the end of your current billing period. You can enable your Auto-renew option till the end of the current billing period while saving all your discounts if any.
What is your refund policy? 
If you’re on a monthly subscription, no refund is provided. Your access to UI Bakery gets canceled at the end of your current billing cycle after cancelation. If you opt for an annual subscription, you have 7 days after the purchase/renewal to request a refund.