On-premise UI Bakery

Self-host UI Bakery in your private network, locally or in cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Copy and run the command below in terminal to start:

curl -k -L -o install.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/uibakery/self-hosted/main/install.sh && bash ./install.sh


* Copy CURL to obtain a 14-days license key.

Explore other installation options and configuration capabilities.

Azure Container instanceKubernetesRedHat OpenshiftGoogle Sheet setupSSOSending emails


When you need an additional security level

The on-premises solution does not collect any analytics and is completely air-gapped, which helps to meet different compliance requirements like HIPAA, SOC2, PCI. You gain full control over the performance of your internal tools by managing the infrastructure and deployment environment on your side.

Additional security level

Effortlessly acquire UI Bakery's on-premise version as a couple of Docker containers for simplified integration and management.

Built-in database

Employ the built-in MySQL database for data storage, or adjust the configuration to connect with a cloud database for enhanced flexibility.

Set up UI Bakery on-premises in minutes

Deploy your UI Bakery app locally, connect to your database or APIs. Start building your internal tool, invite team members and other users. Choose any of the options:

Set up SSO with Google or SAML providers

Improve your security with SSO. Allow your users to log into your app using only one set of credentials. Sign in with SAML-based identity providers like Google, Okta, and others. Import groups to use them in UI Bakery.


Deploy your app on a custom domain

Ship and host your app on a custom domain. Control all the activities happening inside UI Bakery. Store your data on your VPS without worrying about security.

Domain identity
Domain identity

Use a corporate domain to let your users recognize the organization.

Access сontrol
Access сontrol

Limit access to your domain based on the defined firewall settings.

When you need an additional security level

The on-premises solution is air-gapped and doesn't collect analytics, ensuring compliance with standards like HIPAA, SOC2, PCI. It allows full control over internal tool performance through self-managed infrastructure and deployment.

Dark theme – included
Dark theme – included

Choose the visual appearances your team prefers.

Design System-driven
Design System-driven

The app themes are available as JSON configuration files.

Check all features in on-premise version:

Custom User Roles
Dedicated support
Modules & Actions Library
User Roles (admin, editor, user)
Unlimited seats
Release history
App and data source Environments
Audit logs
Up to 5 users
Git version-control
Mobile Responsive Apps
Unlimited scheduled jobs/webhooks
Add more than 5 users
Unlimited apps, pages, actions, data sources
Custom SSO (SAML, OpenID)
Custom themes
App Migration & Custom Development Services
AI assistant
Embedded Apps

x10 times faster
than classic development

The UI Bakery platform offers a cost-effective approach to creating applications. With UI Bakery, you can achieve your app development goals without breaking the bank.

See what they're saying
UI Bakery is a very good tool for highly skilled frontend developers to speed up the development of custom interfaces for custom systems. It especially speeds up iteration, which is a very big part of producing actual ready-to-use in real world applications.
Mykola B. / CEO | Owner

Mykola B. / CEO | Owner