When you need an additional security level 

The on-premises solution does not collect any analytics and is completely air-gapped, which helps to meet different compliance requirements like HIPAA, SOC2, PCI. You gain full control over the performance of your internal tools by managing the infrastructure and deployment environment on your side.

Docker-based. Get an on-premise version of UI Bakery as a couple of docker containers.

Built-in database. Use the built-in MySQL database or change configuration to connect to the cloud option.

Set up UI Bakery on-premises in minutes

Deploy your UI Bakery app locally, connect to your database or APIs. Start building your internal tool, invite team members and other users. Choose any of the options:

Set up SSO with Google or SAML providers

Improve your security with SSO. Allow your users to log into your app using only one set of credentials. Sign in with SAML-based identity providers like Google, Okta, and others. Import groups to use them in UI Bakery.

  • Limit access to a corporate domain address.

  • Disable email & password sign-up page if necessary.

Use a corporate domain to let your users recognize the organization.

Limit access to your domain based on the defined firewall settings.

Deploy your app on a custom domain

Ship and host your app on a custom domain. Control all the activities happening inside UI Bakery. Store your data on your VPS without worrying about security.

Add custom branding to personalize your app

Make your internal tool look according to your style guide. Customize it as you wish using UI Bakery app branding functionality.

Design System-driven. The app themes are available as JSON configuration files.

Dark theme – included. Choose the visual appearances your team prefers.

Check all features in on-premise version: