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Accelerate your building process by using components

Drag-n-drop & organize components into dashboards. Adjust look & feel without CSS.

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Expertly crafted with intelligent configuration

UI Bakery offers over 60 ready-made components for internal tools, adaptable to various data and interfaces. It saves time with pre-built or custom options, requiring no frontend skills. Users can easily customize each component's UI through configuration, styling, and theming.

Make a beautiful UI using drag-n-drop 

UI Bakery streamlines the creation of admin panels with a drag-and-drop interface and pre-designed templates, removing the need for in-depth HTML/CSS coding. This allows for the quick development of dynamic, customizable admin panels tailored to specific team needs.

UI Bakery helps you get things done faster

UI Bakery offers smartly designed tools to expedite UI development, featuring seamless integration with databases, APIs, and third-party services. This enables workflow automation and data access, supported by highly-configurable action steps.

x10 times faster
than classic development

The UI Bakery platform offers a cost-effective approach to creating applications. With UI Bakery, you can achieve your app development goals without breaking the bank.

See what they're saying
UI Bakery is a very good tool for highly skilled frontend developers to speed up the development of custom interfaces for custom systems. It especially speeds up iteration, which is a very big part of producing actual ready-to-use in real world applications.
Mykola B. / CEO | Owner

Mykola B. / CEO | Owner

Everything you need for creating internal apps that are visually appealing and loved by your team

UI Bakery's components are specifically designed to prioritize the needs of internal tools, offering a range of UI and formatting options to display and edit data from any source. 


500+ beautifully crafted Open Source icons

These icons have been carefully crafted to ensure a consistent and cohesive visual language throughout your application. Plus, since they are open source, you have the flexibility to modify and customize them to match your brand's unique aesthetic.

Wisely crafted Input forms

This library offers over 20 inputs to handle all data types, optimized for dense data and quick user interactions. Each input includes formatting and validation, aiding developers in creating efficient, user-friendly interfaces that streamline data input for users.


Visualize data with internal charts and ECharts library

By seamlessly connecting your data to this library, you can easily visualize it with a range of chart types, providing valuable insights and aiding in data-driven decision making. Our library leverages the power of ECharts, to offer beautiful and customizable visualizations that enhance the overall user experience.

Design System that was proved by thousands of developers

At the core of the platform lies our proprietary design system, which has gained popularity among developers. We’ve created & support the best Open Source products for admin panels, internal tools, and business mobile apps: ngx-admin, Nebular, and UI Kitten. These products have more than 50,000+ Github stars, and thousands of downloads.

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Organize your app with containers

UI Bakery components library provides a variety of UI components, such as groups, tabs, lists, accordions, modals, and multi-step flows, that enable developers to effectively organize their applications and improve the user experience.

A handy and versatile table, based on user feedback

UI Bakery's Table component offers seamless representation of diverse data types, from simple text, currencies, and booleans to complex data like images, tags, and code. This enables you to create dynamic and engaging interfaces to support various use cases. With sorting, filtering, and pagination features, the Table component allows efficient management and manipulation of data in your application.

Bulk editing
Bulk editing
Sorting and filtering
Sorting and filtering
Rows and columns design
Rows and columns design