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Create your web apps using a fast and intuitive WYSIWYG builder. UI Bakery saves you from going through a complex development process involving designers and developers.

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Why waste time when you can create a functional dashboard in a couple of clicks?

UI Bakery's suite of components is engineered for optimal development of internal tools, offering a wide array of data connectors and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easy UI construction.

Stop fighting CSS

flex: 1 or flex: 0 1  auto? justify-content or align-items?

You don’t need to learn that anymore. Simply drag a component into the working area, adjust its size - and that’s it! Build dashboards and admin panels without the need of writing CSS rules. Forget about naming your CSS classes and selector priority.

Don’t choose a UI framework

UI Bakery has about 50 built-in front-end components. From a text to a rich table, from an input to a form with validation, UI Bakery has got you covered. No need to choose from the terrarium of UI Kits and read identical “Top React UI frameworks” articles. Just look for a necessary component in the component search bar and enjoy the simplicity.


Consistent style of UI without efforts

UI Bakery implements a design system concept for all the UI elements, so they all look good together by default. UI Bakery comes with a set of accent colors, their shades and sizes for each use case. If you need custom colors, you can use them alongside the standard palette.

Forget about updating front-end libraries

A library got deprecated or there was a security vulnerability? Your front-end framework received a major version update? Don’t waste your time on that. UI Bakery will update the libraries as soon as there is a new stable version available. Breaking changes will not break anything. 

updating front-end libraries

No built-in component? No problem!

Don’t worry if there is no built-in component in UI Bakery. With a Custom Component, you can embed any JavaScript component, self-written or published on CDN. It’s completely secure because it’s handled in iFrame, so there is no access to the data that you operate in UI Bakery.

x10 times faster
than classic development

The UI Bakery platform offers a cost-effective approach to creating applications. With UI Bakery, you can achieve your app development goals without breaking the bank.

See what they're saying
UI Bakery is a very good tool for highly skilled frontend developers to speed up the development of custom interfaces for custom systems. It especially speeds up iteration, which is a very big part of producing actual ready-to-use in real world applications.
Mykola B. / CEO | Owner

Mykola B. / CEO | Owner