Stop fighting CSS

flex: 1 or flex: 0 1  auto? justify-content or align-items?

You don’t need to learn that anymore. Simply drag a component into the working area, adjust its size - and that’s it! Build dashboards and admin panels without the need of writing CSS rules. Forget about naming your CSS classes and selector priority.

Don’t choose a UI framework

UI Bakery has about 50 built-in front-end components. From a text to a rich table, from an input to a form with validation, UI Bakery has got you covered. No need to choose from the terrarium of UI Kits and read identical “Top React UI frameworks” articles. Just look for a necessary component in the component search bar and enjoy the simplicity.

Consistent style of UI without efforts

UI Bakery implements a design system concept for all the UI elements, so they all look good together by default. UI Bakery comes with a set of accent colors, their shades and sizes for each use case. If you need custom colors, you can use them alongside the standard palette.

Forget about updating front-end libraries

Forget about updating front-end libraries

A library got deprecated or there was a security vulnerability? Your front-end framework received a major version update? Don’t waste your time on that. UI Bakery will update the libraries as soon as there is a new stable version available. Breaking changes will not break anything. 

No built-in component? No problem!

Don’t worry if there is no built-in component in UI Bakery. With a Custom Component, you can embed any JavaScript component, self-written or published on CDN. It’s completely secure because it’s handled in iFrame, so there is no access to the data that you operate in UI Bakery.