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Build an internal tool on top of your Redis database

Connect your Redis data to an internal tool you build with UI Bakery. Pull your Redis data into Tables, filter it using Dropdowns, display your records in the needed format. Inspect and manage Redis queues, add Buttons to run Redis queries. Visualize the needed data like the blocked IP addresses. Read and write to your Redis database, use the most common Redis commands.

Operations we support for Redis

View your data

Render, visualize, search Redis tables. View, edit, or remove the unnecessary data.

Modify datasets

Visualize and search your database hashes. Insert, update, or remove groups of data.

Search your data

Search and filter your Redis data and datasets depending on your input.

Manage user access

Define the editors and viewers for your app. Set permissions to limit access as you need.

What you can build with UI Bakery

Explore the UI Bakery functionality to create a solution for your case on top of your database. Build an admin panel, a customer support app, an inventory management tool, or a data visualization app. Glue UI components, data sources, external APIs, third-party services together in one app.

Combine your data with third-party data sources

Connect your Redis database to your internal tool

Connect Redis data

Effortlessly expedite the efficient creation of your internal tools without the need for any additional time, energy, or resources.