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Build an internal tool using SSH

UI Bakery's SSH integration provides a seamless way to securely connect and manage remote servers and devices directly from the UI Bakery platform. Effortlessly execute SSH commands, transfer files, and automate workflows, all within a user-friendly interface. With SSH integration, UI Bakery enhances your development and operations capabilities by enabling efficient remote server management and facilitating powerful automation tasks with ease.

Operations we support for SSH Integration

Connect to Linux host

Seamlessly connect to your Linux servers, enabling you to execute commands, transfer files, and manage your Linux environment effortlessly. With UI Bakery’s SSH integration, you gain convenient access to your Linux host, empowering you to streamline operations, automate tasks, and enhance productivity within a user-friendly interface.

Execute bash commands

UI Bakery’s SSH integration provides a versatile operation to execute bash commands seamlessly. With this integration, you can effortlessly run bash commands on remote servers, automating tasks and retrieving valuable information with ease. Whether you need to perform administrative tasks, execute scripts, or gather system data, UI Bakery empowers you to leverage the power of bash commands within a user-friendly interface.

Dynamically pass script parameters

UI Bakery’s SSH integration offers a flexible operation that allows you to dynamically pass script parameters when executing commands on remote servers. With this powerful feature, you can customize and tailor your script execution based on specific input values or variables. By dynamically passing script parameters, you can automate repetitive tasks, enhance efficiency, and achieve greater flexibility in your server management workflows.

Use SSH tunnelling for publicly unavailable hosts

With SSH tunneling, you can establish a secure communication channel between your local machine and the remote host, even if it is not directly accessible from the public internet. This feature enables you to access and manage private or restricted servers, databases, or other resources with ease. UI Bakery simplifies the process of setting up and utilizing SSH tunneling, providing a jointless experience for securely connecting to and leveraging the full potential of your publicly unavailable hosts.

What you can build with UI Bakery

Explore the UI Bakery functionality to create a solution for your case on top of your database. Build an admin panel, a customer support app, an inventory management tool, or a data visualization app. Glue UI components, data sources, external APIs, third-party services together in one app.

Combine your data with third-party data sources

Integrate your internal tool with SSH

Start SSH integration

Effortlessly expedite the efficient creation of your internal tools without the need for any additional time, energy, or resources.