Managed Postgres Database

Get a free hosted PostgreSQL DB instantly. Create structure, manage your data in visual mode, and build apps using drag and drop on top of it.

Git version control

Manage structure visually

Create and alter tables with the help of visual interface, assign types, constraints, and foreign keys with ease.

CRUD data

Effortlessly add, update, delete, and read data through an intuitive interface, as easy as with SpreadSheet.

Control access level

Manage user access for read and write by creating Custom Roles with specific permissions to your DB.

Use different environments

Maintain different schema structures and records in dev, stage, and prod DB environments. Migrate easily.

Build UI apps

Create applications for your users on top of the UI Bakery Database with a drag and drop UI builder. Deploy with a single click.

Bring your own data

Migrate from Google SpreadSheet easily with our tutorials and automated tools.