Git version control

Empower your team with Git-based version control and let them be more productive, efficient, and safe when they work on your apps in parallel.

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Unlock parallel work

Let your internal tool developers make changes to the same app, same page, or even the same action in parallel by developing in separate branches. Merge changes using an easy-to-use YAML project model with your favorite merge tool. View and store the change history of your apps in git to easily roll back changes if something goes wrong.

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Follow safe development practices

Only allow merging changes to the main development branch upon explicit approval. Create, review, and approve Pull Requests on GitHub, GitLab, or any other Git-based repository hosting. Follow git flow and safe development processes by doing code-, design-, and qa-reviews.

Use dozens of data connectors

Sync changes between UI Bakery instances

Use Git to push changes to a different UI Bakery instance located in a different environment even if those envs can’t be accessed from each other. Allow your developers to develop UI Bakery apps on their local machines and push changes to your apps only when they finish and test their features locally.

Use dozens of data connectors

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