Use dozens of data connectors

UI Bakery easily connects to the most popular SQL and NoSQL databases. Besides, you can fetch pretty much any resource that supports REST/HTTP API. There’s no need to import database connectors and other specific libraries. Setup once and get your data when you need it.

Use dozens of data connectors

Build UI using drag and drop

Now you don’t need to become familiar with front-end frameworks to build your applications. UI Bakery lets you drag and drop from its rich UI component library and connect data from your data source easily. Emit parameterized actions upon user interaction and update data in your database easily.

Create business logic visually or with code

Run queries to your database or HTTP APIs using a simple yet configurable user interface. Execute multiple queries in multi-step workflows as your business logic is getting more challenging. Write complex SQL when you need additional control over your database. Execute JS in actions if your data is not prepared.

Deploy in a single click

With UI Bakery, there is no need to hire a DevOps. Once your application is ready, you can publish it in a single click. Multiple environments (dev, staging, prod) are available. Easily roll back to a previous version using a version history. See who has made any specific change in the audit logs.

Explore the UI Bakery internal tools development capabilities

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