Top 9 No-Code Web App Development Tools that May Compete with Bubble

You might have already heard about (or even tried) But something’s made you look for an alternative to it. Be it Bubble’s interface complexity, the need to buy a new plan for each app you create, or some other factor – no matter.

We’re here to prove that “building the best product” is possible not only with Bubble.

There’s no one-size-fits-all no-code development solution. Each no-code platform is good at solving particular challenges. To make the list below as comprehensive as possible, we compiled it from diverse no-code development alternatives.

Starts from $25/month per app.

Free plan available.

For no-code/low-code makers.

  • Allows for designing, developing, and hosting MVPs and full-fledged web apps with mobile-friendly design.

  • An intuitive interface with a drag-n-drop editor.

  • A variety of free and paid templates created by Bubble designers.

  • About 1,000 plugins to connect to external services.

  • No code export support.

  • Limited functionality available according to a free plan.

  • A separate plan is needed to build each new app.

  • May not be easy to onboard due to its interface complexity.

Starts from $10/month per end-user.

Free plan available.

For developers and citizen developers.

  • A convenient drag-n-drop editor.

  • A feature-rich component library (tables, text inputs, etc.) for building internal tools faster.

  • Reusable blocks of code for manipulating data, as well as the ability to customize the code manually.

  • Allows for connecting to any databases and nearly any API.

  • Ready-made templates that can be used in one click.

  • Ability to deploy Retool on-premises if needed.

  • A number of apps you can build is unlimited (though each app has queries limitations).

  • Within a free plan, only editing is possible. No ability to use an app outside of the Retool editor’s interface.

  • Price is set per end-user, so it increases dramatically with a number of your app end users.

Starts from $500/month per developer.

For low-code makers.

  • A drag-n-drop editor allowing for building enterprise-grade apps with responsive design.

  • An unlimited number of apps you can create within any plan.

  • Predefined widgets, predesigned themes, and app templates.

  • 1-click app deployment allowing you to automatically build, configure, package, and deploy an app to any public cloud provider.

  • Vulnerability protection and Top 10 OWASP web application security compliance.

  • Data connection, API, source code repository integration. 

  • The generated code can be downloaded with no lock-in (according to a trial plan and a single developer license).

  • No free plan available, only a free trial.

  • Expensive.

Starts from $1,250/month per developer (app complexity matters as well).

For citizen developers and no-coders.

  • A drag-n-drop UI builder allowing for creating enterprise apps.

  • Ability to combine your UI with any JS framework like Angular or Vue.js.

  • Visual data modeling.

  • Allows for integrating your app with third-party services (Twitter, Slack, etc.) and connecting to legacy systems (Salesforce, Oracle, etc.).

  • An information security level confirmed by ISO 27001 certification.

  • A price is based on the application complexity, not a number of users.

  • You can get a Docker image with an app code when exiting the platform.

  • No free plan, only a free trial available.

  • Really expensive compared to competitors.

Starts from $500/month per developer (app size matters as well).

For low-code makers and citizen developers.

  • A drag-n-drop visual builder for creating an ecosystem of applications.

  • Real-time integration with third-party systems & visual workflow orchestration.

  • Allows for visualizing the structure of a business app with a relation diagram tool.

  • Automatic apps optimization for mobile.

  • Developer Sandbox for managing the changes within your apps before rolling them out.

  • Enterprise-grade security ensured (SOC 1/SOC2, HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield and DFARS compliant).

  • No free plan available, only a free trial.

  • A number of apps you can create within paid plans is big (starts from 50) but still limited.

  • Custom branding is not available according to the cheapest plan.

  • Expensive.

Starts from $8,25/month per developer.

Free plan available.

For no-code and low-code makers.

  • Over 2,000 built-in components available in pre-built UI Kits for Material Design, iOS, Windows, Wireframing, and more.

  • Ability to add existing graphic assets to your prototype.

  • Allows for using mouse & touch gestures to create interactive web and mobile prototypes faster thanks to its linking system.

  • Integrated review and feedback to iterate prototypes faster.

  • An installable desktop client to get a native performance boost.

  • Android and iOS preview apps are available for downloading

  • Only for app prototyping: no ability to create a full-fledged MVP/web app with responsive design.

  • Ability to create only 1 project for free.

  • Downloading an app code is not allowed. 

Starts from $15/month per end-user.

For low-code makers and citizen developers.

  • A drag-and-drop UI builder for creating UIs using ready blocks.

  • Ready-made templates available in the platform.

  • Functions and formulas to write business logic.

  • Allows you to workflow design. 

  • Allows for creating databases in the form of simple sheets.

  • Third-party API integration. 

  • Customization opportunities to match your app with your guidelines.

  • ISO 27001 and SOC-II certified, including GDPR compliant.

  • No free plan, only a free trial available.

  • No ability to download your app code.

  • Necessity to pay for each end-user, so the price becomes much higher than set in the plan with the increase of the number of your end-users. 

Starts from $12/month per developer.

Free plan available.

For no-code and low-code makers.

  • An intuitive drag-n-drop editor.

  • A range of ready-made templates that can be customized.

  • A report builder available though only within paid plans.

  • Free database management.

  • Within a Basic paid plan, you get 1 standalone app that cannot be customized, and is limited for 1 user.

  • Within the Basic plan, each additional app costs $20.

  • App customization is available only within the most expensive plan.

  • Doesn’t allow for downloading the app code. 

Starts from $10/month per app.

For low-code makers and citizen developers.

  • A convenient drag-n-drop editor.

  • A range of pre-built templates to choose from.

  • Ability to roll out continuous improvements.

  • Allows for building applications with responsive design.

  • Power Automate with a point-and-click flow designer to build your business logic.

  • Built-in Common Data Service to securely store data used by your business apps.

  • Ability to integrate your app with more than 200 connected sources.

  • No opportunity to download the code of a ready app and use it outside the Microsoft domain. 

  • Not available for free (however there’s a free option for COVID-19 response related scenarios available for 6 months), only a free trial is offered. 

Starts from $13/month per developer.

Free plan available.

For low-code makers.

  • An Open Source UI library under the hood.

  • A UI builder allowing for creating white-label apps and MVPs with responsive design.

  • Ability to export the app code to use it outside the platform.

  • Predefined layouts, widgets, and other UI components available to modify UI on the fly.

  • Free ready-made web app & dashboard templates, and an ability to request a template you need.

  • A customizable Design System under the hood allowing you to match your app with your branding.

  • Data connection, API integration available within the platform.

  • Doesn’t allow for creating a backend.

  • Not so many ready-made templates available yet.

A range of no-code and low-code development tools continues to expand.

Now, you have 2 options that may help you define which Bubble alternative suits you and your budget best:

Fill out an application to discover how to build a UI faster

You can taste free trials (with very limited functionality though) offered by some no-code development platforms.

Apply for a program to learn how to build your own app without coding

You can try the no-code development platforms offering a free plan with absolutely NO limits in the number of apps you create and your app end-users.

Choose wisely.

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