UI Bakery Automations

Build server-side workflow automations using low-code on top of one or multiple data sources (SQL database, HTTP API and more). Run them by triggering webhooks and scheduled cron-like jobs.

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UI Bakery Automations
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Enable low-code automations across data sources with triggers and schedules. Our integration enhances process efficiency and task management.

Workflows for your data

Build multi-step workflows on top of your data sources for simple ETL operations, alerting, data source synchronization, and many more. Use data from SQL database, HTTP API, Google Spreadsheet, CRM, and other integrations in a single workflow. Apply conditional logic, loops, and asynchronous operations for more complex use cases. 

Workflows for your data
Trigger webhooks
scheduled jobs

Trigger webhooks and scheduled jobs

Run workflow automations at a specific time. Eliminate a slow loading time of an internal tool by preparing data beforehand. Integrate workflows with third-party systems by using webhooks secured by a token. Extend third-party systems with the features they don’t have in the roadmap.

JavaScript it anywhere

Write sync and async code when you need it. Don’t get blocked by the configuration capabilities of a workflow builder. Map, filter, reduce data you received from the data source in a way that you want. Add variables, ternary operators, and code snippets using interpolation syntax {{data.value}} in headers, request params and many more.

Self-host easily

Self-host easily

For an extra level of protection of your sensitive data, use UI Bakery on-prem version to implement advanced security measures. Stay in compliance with law regulations (HIPAA and others), integrate with your SSO provider, create multiple workspaces on a single instance. Never pay for a number of workflow executions again. 

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Add internal tools and dashboards

To allow manual adjustments to the process, add internal tools and dashboards using a drag-and-drop UI builder. Numerous integrations are available. Create a nice-looking UI using a low-code approach, invite your team, and deploy to multiple environments in a single click. Add custom JS components and extend the system when you need it. 

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