Vehicle Inspection Tool

This tool streamlines the vehicle inspection process by centralizing vehicle inventory, providing a clear view of past inspections, and offering a systematic approach to recording damages. Whether you're noting the condition of a trade-in, rental return, or service vehicle, this tool ensures accurate and consistent documentation.


Vehicle inspections are pivotal in maintaining the integrity and safety of a fleet or inventory. This Vehicle Inspection Tool, facilitated by UI Bakery, is tailor-made for businesses aiming to uphold the highest standards in vehicle condition assessments and documentation.

Highlights of the tool:

  • Vehicle Table: Navigate through a detailed list of all vehicles at your disposal. With built-in filters for VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and Make, you can effortlessly pinpoint specific vehicles.
  • Inspection History Table: Gain insights into previous inspections, allowing for a contextual understanding of a vehicle's history and condition over time.
  • Damage Documentation Wizard: A meticulously designed three-step wizard for recording vehicle damages:
  • Exterior Damage: Precisely document any exterior imperfections or damages.
  • Interior Damage: Detail any wear, tear, or damages identified within the vehicle's cabin.
  • Customer Signature: Procure a digital signature from the customer or inspector, sealing the authenticity of the reported damages.

How Vehicle Inspection Tool template works?

UI Bakery enables you to transform your data into dynamic internal tools, leveraging a combination of pre-built and customized components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Vehicle Inspection Tool template used for?

The Vehicle Inspection Tool template is designed for automobile businesses and inspection services. It provides a comprehensive digital platform for conducting vehicle inspections, capturing details, and generating reports efficiently.

Can this template handle various types of vehicles, including trucks and cars?

Yes, the Vehicle Inspection Tool template is versatile and can handle inspections for various types of vehicles, including trucks, cars, motorcycles, and other forms of transportation.

Does the template support photo and document attachments for inspection records?

Yes, the Vehicle Inspection Tool template supports photo and document attachments. Users can capture images and upload documents directly within the inspection records, ensuring detailed documentation for each inspection.

Is there a scheduling feature to manage inspection appointments?

Yes, the template includes a scheduling feature. It allows users to set up inspection appointments, assign inspectors, and manage the inspection calendar effectively, ensuring organized and timely inspections.

Can the inspection reports be customized and exported in different formats?

Yes, the inspection reports generated using the Vehicle Inspection Tool template are customizable. Users can tailor the reports to include specific details and branding elements. Additionally, reports can be exported in various formats such as PDF, CSV, or Excel for easy sharing and record-keeping.

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