Vehicle Inspection Tool

This tool streamlines the vehicle inspection process by centralizing vehicle inventory, providing a clear view of past inspections, and offering a systematic approach to recording damages. Whether you're noting the condition of a trade-in, rental return, or service vehicle, this tool ensures accurate and consistent documentation.
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Vehicle inspections are pivotal in maintaining the integrity and safety of a fleet or inventory. This Vehicle Inspection Tool, facilitated by UI Bakery, is tailor-made for businesses aiming to uphold the highest standards in vehicle condition assessments and documentation.

Highlights of the tool:

  • Vehicle Table: Navigate through a detailed list of all vehicles at your disposal. With built-in filters for VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and Make, you can effortlessly pinpoint specific vehicles.
  • Inspection History Table: Gain insights into previous inspections, allowing for a contextual understanding of a vehicle's history and condition over time.
  • Damage Documentation Wizard: A meticulously designed three-step wizard for recording vehicle damages:
  • Exterior Damage: Precisely document any exterior imperfections or damages.
  • Interior Damage: Detail any wear, tear, or damages identified within the vehicle's cabin.
  • Customer Signature: Procure a digital signature from the customer or inspector, sealing the authenticity of the reported damages.

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