Supabase Admin

The Supabase Admin Dashboard is a powerful tool for overseeing your Supabase databases, authentication, and real-time subscriptions. With a focus on user experience and functionality, it offers a seamless administrative process, from user management to performance insights, enabling you to maintain efficient and secure operations.

Overview Supabase Admin

Designed for developers and database administrators, the Supabase Admin Dashboard simplifies database management. It integrates seamlessly with Supabase to provide a unified control center for your database needs.

Highlights Supabase Admin

  • User Management: Maintain a clear overview of user accounts, profiles, and roles, ensuring secure access control.
  • Subscription Analytics: Track active subscriptions and analyze usage patterns to optimize your service offerings.
  • Revenue Tracking: Monitor product revenue streams and make data-driven decisions to enhance profitability.
  • Performance Metrics: View real-time performance data to quickly identify and resolve any issues.

How Supabase Admin template works?

UI Bakery enables you to transform your data into dynamic internal tools, leveraging a combination of pre-built and customized components.

Try UI Bakery
  • To initiate, click "Sign up".
  • Establish your organization and create app "From template"
  • Customize your generated application visually by intuitively dragging and dropping components and crafting queries for your resources.
  • Expand the capabilities of this application by linking to your personal database, kickstarting the development of robust internal tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Supabase Admin Dashboard template used for?The Supabase Admin Dashboard template is designed to help manage Supabase projects, providing a comprehensive overview of databases, user authentication, and serverless backends.

Can this template track multiple projects and databases?Yes, the Supabase Admin Dashboard can track multiple projects and databases, offering insights into each project's performance and user engagement.

Does the dashboard support real-time data updates?Absolutely, the dashboard supports real-time data updates, reflecting changes immediately as they happen in the database.

How does the template assist with user and role management?The template includes a dedicated section for managing user accounts and roles, ensuring that access levels are appropriately assigned and maintained.

Is it possible to customize the analytics reports generated by the template?Yes, the analytics reports are fully customizable, allowing you to focus on the metrics that matter most to your operations. Reports can also be exported in various formats for further analysis or presentation.

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