Online game manager

Application to view players, items in an online game. Also provides an ability to add, remove items from an inventory of specific player.

How Online game manager template works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Online Game Manager template?

The Online Game Manager template is designed for game developers and publishers. It provides a centralized platform to manage online games, including player accounts, in-game purchases, analytics, and player engagement features, facilitating efficient game operation and optimization.

Can game developers monitor player engagement and behaviour using this template?

Yes, game developers can monitor player engagement and behaviour using the Online Game Manager template. It offers analytics tools to track player activities, analyze game performance, and gain insights into player behaviour, helping developers enhance game features and user experiences.

Does the template support in-game purchase tracking and revenue analysis?

Yes, the template supports in-game purchase tracking and revenue analysis. Game developers can monitor in-game purchases, revenue streams, and user spending patterns, enabling them to optimize monetization strategies and enhance the game's financial performance.

Is there a feature for sending targeted notifications and promotions to players?

Yes, the Online Game Manager template includes features for sending targeted notifications and promotions to players. Game developers can engage with players by sending personalized notifications, updates, and promotional offers, fostering player retention and user engagement.

Can game developers integrate social media sharing features for players to share achievements and game progress?

Yes, the template supports social media sharing features. Game developers can integrate options for players to share achievements, game progress, and high scores on social media platforms, enhancing the game's visibility and encouraging social interactions among players.

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