Firestore Dashboard

A dynamic Firestore Dashboard delivering robust survey analytics and insights. View and analyze survey data, interact with intuitive charts, track responses, and effortlessly access detailed survey information.

Overview of Firestore Dashboard

Firestore Dashboard is a powerful analytical tool for handling Firestore collection data, aimed at data analysts, marketing professionals and business administrators. This dynamic tool allows for fluid interaction with survey data and detailed analytics.

Highlights of Firestore Dashboard

  • Robust Analytics Interface: Effectively track and analyse your survey data with total responses, responses categorized by survey and responses today metrics.
  • Illustrative Donut Chart: Visualize the breakdown of your surveys by categories using a simple, intuitive donut chart.
  • Time-centric Line Chart: Keep track of the flow of responses with a line chart displaying responses by date, providing you a time-based perspective on your survey data.
  • Detailed Bubble Map with Responder Details: Gain insights on your responders' information through an interactive bubble map.
  • Survey Responses Table: Easily view and access detailed information of individual surveys from the survey responses table.

This Firestore Dashboard is impeccably designed for effective Firestore interaction, streamlining your survey data analysis.

How Firestore Dashboard Template Works

UI Bakery enables you to transform your data into dynamic internal tools, leveraging a combination of pre-built and customized components.

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  • Customize your generated application visually by intuitively dragging and dropping components and crafting queries for your resources.
  • Expand the capabilities of this application by linking to your personal database, kickstarting the development of robust internal tools.

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