Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tool

Ecommerce fraud poses a significant risk to businesses and their customers. This tool empowers you to proactively monitor suspicious transactions, delve into customer details, and extract analytical insights on fraud trends, ensuring the safety and integrity of online transactions.
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In the burgeoning landscape of online commerce, protecting your business from fraudulent activities is paramount. This Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tool, designed using UI Bakery, offers a holistic approach to identify, investigate, and counteract potential ecommerce frauds.

Tool Components:

  1. Suspicious Transaction Page:
  2. View a curated list of potentially fraudulent transactions, detailing order id, order sum, customer name, total orders from that customer, and various fraud signals.
  3. Verify the status of email and phone verifications associated with each transaction.
  4. Take swift action by marking any transaction as "Fraud" with an easy-to-access button.
  5. Customer Details Page:
  6. Obtain an in-depth perspective of each customer, allowing for comprehensive due diligence and validation.
  7. Fraud Analytics Page:
  8. Geographical Fraud Hotspots: A dynamic map highlighting regions most afflicted by fraud, enabling businesses to strategize preventive measures more effectively.
  9. Timeline of Fraudulent Events: An area chart combined with a Bubble Map, illustrating fraud events over time. This assists in identifying patterns and peak fraud periods.
  10. Payment Method Analysis: A bar chart showcasing the Comparison of Fraud Incidents by Payment Method, which provides insights into which payment gateways or methods are most susceptible to fraud.

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  • NoSQL Databases: Some low-code platforms, like UI Bakery, also offer integration with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Couchbase, and Firebase Firestore.

  • RESTful APIs: UI Bakery often provides the flexibility to connect to external services and APIs using RESTful endpoints. This allows you to retrieve and manipulate data from various sources on the web.

  • GraphQL: Some versions of UI Bakery may support integration with GraphQL APIs, offering a more efficient way to fetch and manage data from GraphQL endpoints.

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