Customize your user portal as you need

Ensure a smooth user experience with rich app customization and capabilities. Build a customizable self-service application and tailor it to your needs using various data visualization types like Tables, Charts, Graphs.

Provide users with on-demand information

Help your clients solve the arising issues immediately. Free them from the need to wait for your response. Decrease the number of time-consuming customer requests your team gets. Let your clients download their invoices with no delay, track orders, etc.

Process documents easily and securely

Automate document processing (signing, uploading, downloading) for your users. Speed up the review and approval of the Tables, Images, Videos. Upload invoices & free your clients from the need to ransack email boxes looking for the needed bills.

Manage user access and set permissions

Add and remove data admins and viewers. Set granular access to the Tables, Charts, Graphs of your user portal and limit the permissions according to your internal users’ and customers’ needs. Ensure 2FA if needed for better data security.

Enable collaboration between teams and clients

Ensure total transparency and visibility into the customer requests your employees get. Keep your finger on the pulse of your users’ actions and requests. Let your internal users from different departments and/or customers share their status updates.