Customer support app features

Improve your customer service without sacrificing development and support teams’ productivity.

Monitor your customer health

Track and view customer details, user engagement, user activation metrics, customer retention, churn rates. Access all the info on customer issues. Get the metrics accumulated in one place to simplify data analysis.

Simplify ticket management

Get transparency over all the support tickets, customize ticket routing as you need. Categorize all the incoming queries, organize them by priority, team, or source. Generate service tickets from customer requests automatically.

Ensure order & payment management

Add an ability to deal with transactional operations to the set of your support team’s duties. Gather the details on your customers’ orders, payments, purchases, cancellations in one place. Integrate your support tool with your databases.

Combine all systems into one

Accumulate all the analytics data and customer success statistics you get from several systems. Connect data sources, APIs, third-party tools. Provide your support team with a handy all-in-all solution allowing them to address any issues timely.

Establish strong quality control

Create quality control workflows at any project stage. Define the responsible team members, add confirmation functionality. Add a customer satisfaction monitoring system. Assess your business processes based on user behavior statistics.