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The fastest way to get a sample database

Create a private PostgreSQL database with a predefined structure and test data inside. No need to spin up AWS instances and spend time on local installations. Just choose a database type, get unique credentials, and use them right away.

Database type

Booking website database

A sample database structure. 4 tables: bookings, visitors, and more.

Car dealer database

A car dealer database structure. 3 tables: bookings, clients, etc.

Pet care clinic database

A vet clinic database structure. Bookings, visitors, and users tables.

Tasks management database

A general tasks management system database structure. 3 tables: bookings, visitors, etc. 

Website analytics database

A website analytics database structure. Page visits, users information, and other tables. 

Ecommerce website database

An online website database. Orders, products, and more tables inside.
Database credentials
Generating your personal database...
postgresql://0.07805708025570457nik.poltoratsky@psql-mock-database-cloud:0.030653423045950534my secret password for [email protected]:5432/0.5961338639458356aoseijf9a08sje98fjaeiofj
postgresql://other@localhost/otherdb connect_timeout=10&application_name=myapp
Database name
postgresql://other@localhost/otherdb connect_timeout=10&application_name=myapp
Can I try UI Bakery before paying?
Yes, UI Bakery is free to try. You can build 1 project (application), connect it to your data source, create your own theme. You can download the code of any template available in UI Bakery to check its code quality and structure.
You’ll need to pay only if you decide to download anything custom you’ve built in UI Bakery.
Is this tool free?
Yes, the database instance is free of charge for testing purposes.
Can I use it for production?
We do not recommend doing it. This tool is for testing purposes only.
Is it private?
Yes, your database instance is private, and your credentials are totally unique.
How can I use it?
You can use these database credentials to test your ideas, or take them as an example. You can also use these credentials to learn SQL in educational projects.