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The fastest way to get a sample database

Create a private PostgreSQL database with a predefined structure and test data inside. No need to spin up AWS instances and spend time on local installations. Just choose a database type, get unique credentials, and use them right away.

Free Airtable to PostgreSQL migration tool

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Database type
Booking website database
A sample database structure. 4 tables: bookings, visitors, and more.
Car dealer database
A car dealer database structure. 3 tables: bookings, clients, etc.
Pet care clinic database
A vet clinic database structure. Bookings, visitors, and users tables.
Tasks management database
A general tasks management system database structure. 3 tables: bookings, visitors, etc. 
Website analytics database
A general tasks management system database structure. 3 tables: bookings, visitors, etc. 
Ecommerce website database
An online website database. Orders, products, and more tables inside.
Database credentials
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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Generating your personal database...
postgresql://0.07805708025570457nik.poltoratsky@psql-mock-database-cloud:0.030653423045950534my secret password for marketing@psql-mock-database-cloud.postgres.database.azure.com:5432/0.5961338639458356aoseijf9a08sje98fjaeiofj
postgresql://other@localhost/otherdb connect_timeout=10&application_name=myapp
Database name
postgresql://other@localhost/otherdb connect_timeout=10&application_name=myapp

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SQL Playground?

SQL Playground is an interactive platform that allows users to practice SQL queries in a sandbox environment.

Can I save my SQL queries in SQL Playground?

No, SQL Playground does not have a save feature. It is designed for practicing SQL queries in real-time.

Is there a limit to the number of queries I can execute in SQL Playground?

There is no specified limit for the number of queries you can execute. You can practice as many queries as you want.

Are there any sample databases available in SQL Playground for practice?

Yes, SQL Playground provides sample databases that you can use to practice your SQL queries.

Is SQL Playground suitable for beginners?

Yes, SQL Playground is beginner-friendly and provides a simple interface for learning and practicing SQL.

Can I export the results of my SQL queries from SQL Playground?

No, SQL Playground does not have an export feature. You can manually copy the results if you need to save them.

How can I reset the SQL Playground environment?

To reset the environment, you can refresh the page, and it will clear any queries and data you have entered.

Can I use SQL Playground on mobile devices?

Yes, SQL Playground is responsive and can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Is SQL Playground suitable for advanced SQL users?

Yes, SQL Playground caters to users of all levels, including beginners and advanced SQL practitioners, providing a platform for learning and practice.

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