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What is a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier)?

A UUID is a unique 128-bit identifier used in computer systems, often to identify records or objects uniquely.

What is the purpose of the UUID Generator tool?

The UUID Generator tool creates unique identifiers following the UUID format, which can be used in various applications and databases where uniqueness is essential.

Can I generate multiple UUIDs at once?

Yes, many UUID generators allow you to generate multiple UUIDs in bulk. Check if this feature is available in the UUID Generator tool.

Are the generated UUIDs truly unique?

Yes, the UUIDs generated by reputable UUID generators are designed to be globally unique, ensuring uniqueness across different systems and applications.

Can I customize the format of the generated UUIDs?

Some UUID generators offer options to customize the format, such as using uppercase or lowercase letters or including or excluding dashes. Verify if this customization is available in the UUID Generator tool.

Is there a limit to the number of UUIDs I can generate in a single session?

There might be limitations based on the tool's technical constraints. It's advisable to check the documentation or guidelines for any restrictions on the number of UUIDs that can be generated.

Can I use the generated UUIDs for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use the generated UUIDs for commercial purposes. UUIDs are widely used in various applications, including commercial ones, for unique identification.

Is there a way to check if a specific UUID has been generated before?

UUIDs are designed to be unique, so the likelihood of generating the same UUID twice is extremely low. However, there is no central registry to check the uniqueness of a specific UUID.

Can I generate UUIDs of a specific version, such as UUIDv4?

Some UUID generators allow you to specify the UUID version you want to generate. Confirm if the UUID Generator tool supports generating specific versions of UUIDs.

Is the tool accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, reputable online UUID generators are usually accessible and functional on both desktop and mobile devices for user convenience.