Sales dashboard features

Discover the UI Bakery e-commerce and sales application building opportunities.

Visualize order processing, deals, revenue

Use a simple drag-n-drop interface to visualize order implementation. Showcase revenue per quarter, top customers, closed deals, sales channels and opportunities. Forecast your potential revenue based on your customer behavior and sales reps’ performance.

Monitor payments, transactions, refunds

Connect Stripe or another third-party payment system to your internal sales or e-commerce tool. Monitor the successful payments, made transactions, and received refunds. Create Charts and Graphs to conveniently monitor the achievement of the revenue targets.

Manage item shipments and deliveries

Keep the most relevant data on your products delivery process at hand. Provide your sales team with a full shipment and delivery history on any item. Stay constantly aware of where your clients’ purchases are and when their ETA is.

Overview and share sales volume data

Visualize, display, and share the current data on your inventory volume and condition with your team, investors and stakeholders. Add Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Tables, or any other UI component to represent the inventory data visually.

Connect any data sources you need

Monitor all your team actions, tasks implementation, statuses, and more. Keep everyone on the same page via an all-in-one admin solution. Host the data connected to your admin panel on your own servers. Enforce 2FA to ensure a 100% security level of your data.

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