Admin panel features

Discover the UI Bakery admin panel building opportunities allowing you to accelerate micro-processes.

Visualize statistics, metrics, and KPIs

Visualize and display your performance statistics, customer behavior and needs, key metrics, and KPIs using responsive UI elements available in UI Bakery. Keep track of the sales processes and their implementation via Tables and Graphs.

Add, read, update, and delete data

Manipulate data and organize datasets via a simple drag-and-drop interface. Add new elements and remove irrelevant data pieces. Adjust Filters in your Tables, configure Triggers, add Buttons or other UI components. Run SQL queries to retrieve your data.

Connect any data sources you need

Build an admin panel with the connected data & business logic. Integrate your web app UI with any third-party app or database (Airtable, MySQL, Firebase, PostgreSQL, and many others). Configure data & customize action steps with custom code.

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Manage user access and set permissions

Add and remove editors or viewers within your admin dashboard. Define the permission level your users have. Set granular access to your admin dashboard for specific user groups. Keep full control over what users can see and do within your admin panel.

Ensure team collaboration & data security

Monitor all your team actions, tasks implementation, statuses, and more. Keep everyone on the same page via an all-in-one admin solution. Host the data connected to your admin panel on your own servers. Enforce 2FA to ensure a 100% security level of your data.