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What's new: August 2023

Vlad Lugovsky
Vlad Lugovsky
September 12, 2023
What's new: August 2023

As the summer season gently gives way to the vibes of fall, let's take a moment to relive the highlights of the past few months. From minor refinements to groundbreaking introductions, our summer was all about enhancing your experience. Let's rewind and explore the features that we welcomed during this vibrant season ☀️

Unveiling the New Rendering Engine: Elevating UI Development 🛠️

While we have already released some improvements to the builder, the introduction of the new rendering engine takes the UI development to the whole new level. Thanks to the new engine, the components rendering is now more smooth and flexible. Easier components positioning and resizing gives you a totally different building experience.

Expanding the Components Library: A Trio of New Additions 🪩

Our components library experienced summer growth, welcoming three new members into its family:

  • Tags - a list of color-coded labels with unique color assignment.
  • A horizontal menu - a horizontal representation of your app’s structure.
  • A context menu button - a button displaying the dropdown menu for executing different actions in the application (e.g. navigation).

Introducing SCIM 2.0: Elevating User Account Management 🔐

For our self-hosted users, the summer marked the launch of SCIM 2.0 API. This powerful addition facilitates seamless user account management between your Identity Provider (IDP) and UI Bakery. Synchronize accounts, manage access effortlessly, and experience a new level of control over user interactions within your workspace.

AI Assistant Enhancements 🤖

Our AI Assistant is developing, evolving from a mere tool to an indispensable partner. Two noteworthy enhancements stole the spotlight:

  • Code Generator for SQL/JS: Navigating complex queries and unfamiliar languages became a breeze with the Ask AI button. A helping hand is now just a click away.
  • Reaction Buttons: The addition of Like and Dislike buttons allowed users to provide feedback, enhancing the AI Assistant's performance and delivering more accurate solutions.

Fine-Tuning Components: A Suite of Improvements 💡

We delved into refining components, resulting in heightened usability and control:

  • New table and detail methods - the new methods for table and detail components give you more flexibility to work with these components. Some of them include openEditing() and cancelEditing() to open or close the editing mode on a detail component, or openBulkEditing() and submitBulkEditing() for a table to enable and submit the bulk edited rows. More methods available can be found in this guide for a table, and here for a detail.
  • Copy text option for text inputs - in the text inputs, you can now use a copy button to quickly copy the required text.
  • Focus and blur triggers for input components - you can now program the actions to be executed on the focus or blur of your inputs.

Enhancements in Automations & Actions Library 🚀

Our Automations and Actions library received a dose of enhancements, catering to your workflow needs:

  • Git Integration in Actions Library: Collaborative efforts soared as Git integration entered the scene, allowing synchronized changes without the fear of conflicts.

Form Data and URL-Encoded Webhooks: Embracing diverse data formats, the addition of support for form data and URL-encoded webhooks expanded the realm of possibilities in automations.

A sneak peek at what's next in UI Bakery (hint: it's not bread, it's features) 🔮

We are working hard to complete our theme editor and invite you to try its beta version. Stay tuned for more updates! Don’t forget to post your ideas to our public roadmap.

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