Introducing UI Bakery Database
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Introducing UI Bakery Database

Vlad Lugovsky
Vlad Lugovsky
March 22, 2024

UI Bakery has been an amazing platform for building internal tools, admin panels, and dashboards. Our users have also been able to ship amazing scheduled jobs and webhooks using UI Bakery Automations. There was just one piece that missing to be able to ship full-fledged apps with it.

Introducing UI Bakery Database - a managed Postgres database right within the UI Bakery platform. Here's what you can already do with it:

Create tables

Create tables and assign needed types to columns. Add composite primary keys, foreign keys, and constraints.

Alter tables

Make changes to the structure of your table when you need it. Access the Alter query through audit logs.

CRUD data

View table data, add new records, update their values, or delete rows on the fly. Generate sample data with UI Bakery AI assistant.

Export to CSV

Export selected rows from the table to a CSV file to use in other tools when needed.

Summing up

UI Bakery database is already available for all existing and new cloud customers. The stable UI Bakery on-premises will be released next week, but beta access is possible using 3.75.0-rc.0 tag.

UI Bakery's Managed Postgres Database unlocks even more opportunities on what is currently possible with UI Bakery's low code platform.

We're eager for you to try it out and share your feedback!

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