Introducing Outbound Regions
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Introducing Outbound Regions

Vlad Lugovsky
Vlad Lugovsky
May 10, 2024

"Why does a SQL query that takes 0.5 seconds on my local computer take more than 2 seconds in UI Bakery?" You've been asking this question for quite a while, especially if you are located in the EU. The reason for these performance issues is related to our main data center being located in the US. Consider your request from an EU user to an EU-based database as follows:

EU user -> (ocean 🌊) -> UI Bakery US data center -> (ocean 🌊) -> EU-based database -> (ocean 🌊) -> UI Bakery US data center -> (ocean 🌊) -> EU user

This is not ideal for speed of your solution. Moreover, this consumes more energy than really needed and is bad for our planet. Additionally, if you request a significant amount of data, the problem could snowball. But this will not be the case anymore with our new Outbound Regions feature.

How do Outbound Regions work?

It's very simple. When you create or edit a data source, simply select the outbound region your users will connect to. UI Bakery will handle everything else. Our tests show that EU customers with EU-based data sources are able to reduce request time by three times.

Current status and future plans

Outbound regions are a huge step towards our goal of making the best and most performant low-code platform on the market. Currently, this feature is available in private beta for a limited set of users, and we support US-central and EU-central regions.

Interested in trying out the EU outbound region or would like to request another region? Reach out to us at

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