UI Bakery 2023 Year Recap 🚀
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UI Bakery 2023 Year Recap 🚀

Kate Blahova
Kate Blahova
December 24, 2023

This year, we have released a great amount of new features to enhance your experience with UI Bakery. As the end of the year approaches, as always, we love to have a glimpse back at what has been done. Please join us on a 2023 UI Bakery recap journey! 💫

UI Bakery AI Assistant 🤖


No doubt, our AI Assistant has been a game-changer this year. We are happy to know how naturally it was blended into your development processes. Many thanks to everyone for your feedback, we promise to keep the AI Assistant evolving and give you a more positive development experience! ☄️

Data Sources 💾

Data Sources

Along with the new data sources, we have added some additional data source settings that might be helpful while working with your data. These include a timezone setting for SQL-like data sources, additional params for OAuth2 token requests, usage of an SSO/OAuth2 token in HTTP data source configuration, and Digest Auth as a new authorization method 🔑. The list of this year’s new data sources is below:

  • AWS Lambda, AWS Athena and AWS API data sources;
  • Firebase data sources: Realtime DB, Firestore, and Firebase Auth;
  • Redis data source;
  • JDBC data sources: SAP Hana, Presto, Exasol;
  • Open API data source;
  • Open AI data source;
  • SMTP data source;
  • SSH data source;
  • GitHub data source;
  • Stripe data source;
  • Sendgrid data source.

Components 🧩


One of the biggest updates is that we have introduced the Modules to create separate complex applications with multiple components and their logic, that can be reused across your applications. The table also constantly evolves, receiving additional settings, such as sorting options, total row count, table dynamic columns, and more. We are keen on adding more components, and this year hasn’t been an exception! The whole list of the new components is below ⬇️

  • Steps, tabs, and stepper components;
  • List and grid view components;
  • Image picker and image drop area components;
  • File and file picker components;
  • Signature component;
  • Icon component;
  • Context menu button component;
  • Horizontal menu component;
  • Tags component;
  • Accordion, collapsible card, and container components;
  • Divider component;
  • Alert component;
  • QR-code component;
  • Rating component;
  • Rich text editor.

Actions and logic ⚙️

Actions and logic

This year, we have focused a lot on making it easier to work with the actions and their troubleshooting 🕵️‍♂️. First of all, we have added the ability to change the environment of the data source during the development. Additionally, it became possible to disable action execution to debug freezes and redirects, as well as detect re-rendering to troubleshoot performance issues. Action triggers have also experienced some enhancements, such as the ability to add custom parameters to a trigger and assign multiple actions to a single trigger. The other major updates include:

  • Amazon S3 query action type;
  • MongoDB command action type;
  • Interval action type;
  • Python action type;
  • Form data support for HTTP requests.

Enterprise 💻


The Enterprise self-hosted version has undergone lots of major improvements as well. Firstly, you can now have the ability to set up multiple SSO providers on your instance. Secondly, to ensure a smooth transfer from one UI Bakery instance to another with the help of Git, we have added an option of adding/ editing the ID of a data source or a user role. Finally, it is now possible to send emails from your self-hosted instances via SMTP! Besides, here are some novelties related to Git:

  • Git support in Actions Library & Automations;
  • Support for Gitlabm BitBucket and custom PR links;
  • Git branch delete;
  • Regenerate SSH key button;
  • Disconnect Git.

Automations 🔂


For lots of our users, Automations play a crucial role in their processes, so we strive to improve them and make it even easier to work with your scheduled tasks. Here are the main Automations updates of the year: 

  • The ability to sync default params in cURL;
  • Automations logs history;
  • Automations environments;
  • Automations release;
  • Form data and URL-encoded webhooks;
  • Git in Automations.

UI/UX updates 🖼️

UI/UX updates

Taking into consideration all your requests for more interface customization options, this year we paid a lot of attention to the styling of the end-user apps 🖍️. The most important update here is the new rendering engine that brings a lot of advantages with it - from the dynamic components' height to the ability to show or hide the components conditionally preserving the space when a component is hidden. Apart from these changes, here’s what has been done from the UI and UX perspective:

  • Responsive design for mobile views;
  • New drag&drop experience;
  • Theme editor;
  • Hotkeys panel.

Other News 🤓

New case studies 📚

Bylmo team

Check out the new case studies we prepared in collaboration with our clients, and grab some inspiration! If you also want to share your story with us, just let us know 😉

UI Bakery 2023 team meeting ⛰️

UI Bakery team

This year, our small and globally distributed team has chosen beautiful Georgia as a destination for the annual team meeting. We enjoyed the picturesque landscapes, local food and wine, and each other's company while discussing UI Bakery’s perspectives for the future.

We are including our photo so you do not forget the people behind UI Bakery 😊

Coming Soon… ⏳

A lot has been happening this year, and even more is yet to come in the next! We are delighted to continue providing you with the best possible tool and building experience and hope to have you with us. 

The UI Bakery team is sending you and your families all the best wishes and the warmest hugs for the upcoming holidays! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, y’all! 🎄🥂

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