Admin internal tool on top of Airtable for a software dev company
May 27, 2021

Admin internal tool on top of Airtable for a software dev company



Akveo, a company delivering software development solutions and services to various businesses, needed to reduce manual internal processes for their employees. Their main ‘microheadache’ was how to automate the management of vacation and sick days for each employee to reduce to-and-fro’s between different teams. With the growing number of employees within the company, this operation would take more and more time. 

Akveo was looking for a solution that would allow any employee immediately get, manage, and update the information on their vacations without the need to distract administration team from their core work.


Akveo used UI Bakery to create a handy internal tool that was tailored to reduce the certain manual operations within their company. 

Thanks to the UI Bakery data connection functionality, they could integrate the tool they created with third-party services – Google Workspace and Airtable. Akveo used Google Workspace as a key collaboration tool, and Airtable tables – to store the needed information on their employees.

To build their internal tool, Akveo performed the following steps:

  1. Create a project in UI Bakery. 
  2. Build a simple UI with the needed components.
  3. Connect Google Workspace and Airtable database to the project.
  4. Map the data in UI Bakery.

As a result, Akveo got a simple and convenient internal portal that can be accessed by any employee who needs to check the number of vacation days left. Using this portal, an employee can also request a vacation, and his manager will approve or reject it. It’s also planned to add an ability to review the information on each employee’s skills, projects, and more. 



Thanks to the UI Bakery, Akveo managed to:

  • Relieve the team from performing unduly slow manual calculations.
  • Decrease the time needed to automate administration microprocesses from 16 hours of manual coding to 1 hour of low-code development. 
  • Provide the employees with a universal solution eliminating the unnecessary and time-consuming to-and-fro’s between administration and the other team members.

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UI Bakery is a very good tool for highly skilled frontend developers to speed up the development of custom interfaces for custom systems. It especially speeds up iteration, which is a very big part of producing actual ready-to-use in real world applications.
Mykola B. / CEO | Owner

Mykola B. / CEO | Owner