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The Challenge

The Challenge

The EHG Connected Mobility team has been looking for a way to quickly and easily build applications based on their connected mobility cloud services for internal purposes. Especially for use cases such as maintenance of the vehicle fleets (e.g., trigger firmware over the air), usage statistics, support work, and documentation.

Developing an application specifically for this purpose did not make sense in the current phase of the product, besides there were a few other challenges:

Resource Constraints: Limited or no dedicated resources were available for internal application development.

Unclear Requirements: The fast-evolving product landscape led to unclear or changing requirements.

Manual Work: Many maintenance and support tasks require manual intervention, such as calling specific endpoints or manually searching databases.

Lack of Audit Trail: The absence of an audit log or documentation system made tracking and auditing operations difficult.

According to Dominik, low code seemed to be a perfect solution to sketch applications and achieve fast progress in high quality.

The Solution

The EHG team adopted UI Bakery as a low-code development tool to address their challenges. UI Bakery's low-code platform offered the ideal solution by allowing them to focus on business use cases without the need to worry about intricate UI development.

Dominik has shared these objectives his team had with UI Bakery:

Rapid Application Development: Create applications swiftly to streamline daily maintenance tasks.

Task Delegation: Enable non-technical staff to handle certain tasks, reducing the dependency on IT development.

Data Visualization: Build and visualize statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for their solution.

Flexibility and Ease of Maintenance: Ensure that the applications can be quickly adapted to changing requirements and easily maintained.

The EHG team managed to leverage UI Bakery to develop a service platform for their global connected mobility solution, addressing various operational needs.

The Result

The Result

The implementation of UI Bakery brought a lot of enhancements for the EHG team and helped the company achieve its goals. 

Improvement in Processes: The service application they created exceeded their expectations and became indispensable. The platform's fast extension capabilities were particularly well-received, enabling specialist departments to contribute ideas that could be implemented swiftly. The application also helped uncover and address problems in the field, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Resource Savings: UI Bakery allowed Erwin Hymer Group to save both time and money. Development could occur alongside daily work, eliminating the need for a dedicated development team and reducing the time-consuming specification and administration work. Conventional development methods would not have been as quick or cost-effective.

In conclusion, the adoption of UI Bakery enabled the company to overcome resource constraints and operational challenges by rapidly developing and maintaining applications. This led to increased operational efficiency and cost savings. Their overall experience with the platform was highly positive, and they continue to benefit from its ease of use and responsive support team.

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The UI Bakery platform offers a cost-effective approach to creating applications. With UI Bakery, you can achieve your app development goals without breaking the bank.

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Jamshed J. / Mulesoft Developer

The UI building canvas is very smooth and responsive (this is a refreshing change from some of the laggy interfaces I've experienced with some competitors). The platform feels very lightweight, and things load very fast.