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The challenge

The challenge

The 911 Incident team required an external solution to collect and analyze the data from the fire departments. It was essential for the team to build a quick, convenient and user-friendly interface for both the dispatchers and the analysts. When the goal is to help save communities time and lives, every detail matters. Before switching to UI Bakery, Ahmed, the co-founder and 911 Incident developer, had used alternative tools such as Retool, Appsmith, and had created their own using Node.js. These options were either time consuming or pricey, and that’s when the 911 Incident team decided to give UI Bakery a try.

The Solution

According to Ahmed, UI Bakery had several advantages for their development: cost-effectiveness, a good looking UI (possibly the best on the market),  good performance, security, and an option to take on-prem or stay on the cloud version. UI Bakery allowed their team to save resources such as time and money as building the app using their own tech stack would have taken four times as long. Additionally, sometimes they had to scrap their idea completely and start from scratch, which was only possible with a 3rd party tech stack.

The Result

The Result

With UI Bakery, the 911 team has been able to create an external-facing application used at the moment by 5 fire departments in Canada with around 30 people per each department. The app is already servicing cities with as much as 300K people and as little as 5K people, and the go-live is planned shortly. UI Bakery changed the way the team was building apps as they started actually using tools, reading the docs, and engaging with the staff. 

Overall, Ahmed says that he’s blown away by their experience with UI Bakery, and shows it to people at their internal team, and externally (and we really appreciate it!). While there is still some missing or at times misleading information in docs, the 911 team admits the UI Bakery team is very receptive to suggestions, and as such, there is literally nothing the tool can’t do for their needs. 

We are really happy to be a part of this life-changing project, and wish the 911 Incident team good luck with the go-live, promising to keep up doing the best job!

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