Check the top 6 tools to build an MVP with less time, efforts & costs


Eugenia Evtushenko

Due to the increasing number of low-code development platforms, it has become possible to build a minimum viable product, create an internal tool or a business app without any frontend development background.

In our article published on Web Design Ledger, we’ve compiled the list of visual UI builders that can be used to build an internal tool, a business app, an MVP by:

  • Product designers.
  • UI/UX designers.
  • Junior designers or developers.
  • Non-tech people.

The list of the top low-code platforms popular among UI/UX designers this year includes such tools as: 

  • Fluid UI.
  • UI Bakery.
  • Marvel.
  • Glide.
  • AppSheet.

Check out the thorough descriptions of the key distinguishing features of these low-code development tools. Either you need the tool that will not lock you inside, or provide a range of ready-made templates – you’ll find what you need to build an internal tool, a business app, or a minimum viable product with less costs & in less time.

Not sure which low-code platform to choose? Play around in UI Bakery and the other visual app builders for free before making a final decision.

December 15, 2020

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