Check the top 6 tools to build an MVP with less time, efforts, and costs

Eugenia Evtushenko

1 min

Due to the increasing number of visual web app builders, no-code and low-code development platforms available today, it has become possible to build a minimum viable product, or create a prototype without any development background.

In our article published on Web Design Ledger, we’ve compiled the list of visual app builders that can be used to build an MVP by:

  • Product designers.
  • Mature UI/UX designers.
  • Junior designers or developers.
  • Non-tech people.

The list of the top visual web app building platforms popular among UI/UX designers this year includes such tools as: 

  • Fluid UI.
  • UI Bakery.
  • Marvel.
  • Glide.
  • AppSheet.

Check out the thorough descriptions of the key distinguishing features of these low-code & no-code development tools. Either you need the tool that will not lock you inside, allow you to download an app code, or provide a range of ready-made templates – you’ll find what you need to build a minimum viable product with less costs & in less time.

Not sure which low-code development tool to choose? Play around in UI Bakery and the other visual app builders for free before making a final decision.

December 15, 2020

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