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Don’t bother about the restrictions Airtable and Google Sheets set!

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Build what you need in 10 minutes with a low-code CRUD app builder. Deliver value to your users fast. Compile a fully functional app with ready-made blocks. 3 simple steps to get the results:

1. Configure access to your Airtable or Google Sheets database with no hassle

Connect and synchronize your data effortlessly, allowing you to manage and share your information across platforms seamlessly.

Configure access to your Airtable or Google Sheets
Define the Airtable or Google Sheets tables

2. Define the Airtable or Google Sheets tables you want to manage with your CRUD app

Configure forms validation to check if the data entered by your users is correct and meets your app constraints.

3. Get a working CRUD app assembled on top of your data

Create a basic version of your app in our CRUD app builder firstly, then explore its customization opportunities. No design skills required.

Get a working CRUD app

Choose from various data visualization types – Tables, Boards, Charts, Lists, Maps

With no design skills, customize the look and feel of your CRUD app.

Choose from various data visualization types

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x10 times faster
than classic development

The UI Bakery platform offers a cost-effective approach to creating applications. With UI Bakery, you can achieve your app development goals without breaking the bank.

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The service is easy to apprehend. We are really satisfied with the product and the support team is always quick to answer questions. What we liked the most was the speed to have a new user interface connected to data, and all the components which are easy to integrate.
Sylvain L. / Software Architect

Sylvain L. / Software Architect

UI Bakery is a very good tool for highly skilled frontend developers to speed up the development of custom interfaces for custom systems. It especially speeds up iteration, which is a very big part of producing actual ready-to-use in real world applications.
Mykola B. / CEO | Owner

Mykola B. / CEO | Owner

Easy to integrate with Firebase Database. Intuitive and elegant user interface. Complete documentation online. Excellent technical support that has always been available to advance my projects.
Jose P. / Engineer

Jose P. / Engineer