PostgreSQL based control panel for marketing campaigns management

The challenge

The challenge

Winclap is a Growth Transformation company helping brands transform how they attract, acquire, retain, and monetize users. Winclap combines tech, experts and creators in a suite of Growth Solutions including: Growth Framework Consultancy, Own-media Management, Media Buying, Creators-based Content, Measurement, Analytics, and Budget Allocation with AI.

The Winclap team was searching for a solution to develop the internal applications. Since they didn’t have the resources to build the tools on their own, they were inspecting the low-code and no-code markets. The goal was to find an easy no-code solution to build a control panel for the Winclap Growth team that would be maintained by the team itself and could allow access for 70+ customers daily. They were also looking for a quick way for the team to configure goals, campaign targets, and values.

The solution

While looking for alternatives in a low-code market, the Winclap team has analyzed several products, but decided on UI Bakery because of the pricing model and ease of use. Overall, it took them 1.5 months to develop and implement the complete solution without the engagement of dedicated developers. They built a control panel for multiple campaigns and, additionally, a CRM for managing Creators for the Creative Studio.

The result

The result

Thanks to UI Bakery, the Winclap team managed to build and deploy the apps in no time and with limited resources. According to Juan, Winclap Analytics Product Manager, not only have they been able to implement the apps quickly, but have also effortlessly improved the daily routine of the team by switching from Google Sheets to a more robust and complex solution. 

While Clappers  suggest some enhancements to UI Bakery (which we are happy to deliver), Juan admits they are happy with their UI Bakery experience and the customer service. Good luck to the Winclap team!

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Ahmed C. / Owner

Any bugs or enhancements are always addressed for me and my team. Usually VERY quickly.They also are MORE than happy to schedule meetings with me to review and questions or concerns I may have. The really do treat all customers equally :)