The Challenge

The main challenges that ProtectAll platform team is facing in terms of internal tooling are speed and flexibility. The team wants to quickly deliver internal solutions. Besides, it’s important that the apps are neat and good looking for a great user experience.

Before sticking with UI Bakery, the platform team has tried Retool and Alpha Anywhere. However, despite the fact that those platforms were more feature-reach, it took a considerable amount of time to build and deploy internal apps.

The Solution

To deliver the internal tools within a shorter period of time, the platform team has switched to UI Bakery. According to Dion, ProtectAll lead platform engineer, UI Bakery helped reduce the time spent on internal tools almost twice. From simple SQL-based read/ search applications to more complex apps that allow the users to review the data from APIs and trigger corresponding actions, the team is now on its way to building more reporting tools for their users.

The Result

Thanks to a better UI Bakery interface and an overall better value for money, ProtectAll team has been able to save both time and money on internal tools development. Dion says that the team loves the design experience and is looking forward to the upcoming environment enhancement, which is “going to be huge for development and testing purposes of our team”. At the moment, the ProtectAll team is already using six internal applications, and has in plans to extend their usage of the platform within the next 6 months even more.

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