The challenge

Jomashop stands out for their exceptional customer service. To facilitate the process for customer service reps and allow them to do their job more effectively, the Jomashop team was looking to build internal tools. At first, they tried to develop their own solutions with PHP, but it just was too time consuming. Retool wasn’t a good fit as well because of their pricing model. At the end, the team tried UI Bakery. 

The solution

Some data necessary for the customer service reps has been available via API only. With UI Bakery the team has been able to bring all the necessary data for the service team together in one application. As a result, they have created read-only API viewers for order ship-time, tax calculation, and product information. According to Isaac, Jomashop’s VP of Product, it took him a couple hours to learn how UI Bakery operates, now their team can build a complex application within the same amount of time.

The result‍

UI Bakery has allowed the Jomashop’s team to save lots of time on the internal tools development. As Isaac states, they wouldn’t have built those apps if not for UI Bakery. Customer service flow has also improved. Now, instead of having to look at the physical website for the data the customer service rep is looking for, they can use one of the internal apps to view it quickly and all in one place. Mission accomplished! 😎

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