The challenge

VITAS company can be divided into two sections: the business and the tech team. Most of the business employees don’t have a technical background, but need to have access to the data. The main challenge that the VITAS team has been facing in terms of internal tools is the access to data for non-technical employees. 

Before sticking with UI Bakery, the team had a single tool for each process, but that approach wasn’t really efficient. It took a lot of time for the VITAS team to build and deploy the apps. That’s why they needed one tool with all their collected data.

The solution

According to Christine, VITAS product owner and developer, the biggest goal was to enable their business team to do certain tasks by themselves without having to ask the backend team, as previously, only the tech team was able to take care of those tasks. It was crucial for them to save the time of the tech team spent on internal tasks.

VITAS installed the on-premise version of UI Bakery and built a single tool to accept new customers. It helped them to decrease the amount of time spent on creating new operations and tasks within the company. They have finally been able to manage all of their processes within a single application that was accessible for both tech and non-tech employees. Additionally, because of the user-friendly interface, the whole VITAS team can work with the platform without having to know or learn any programming language.

The result

Since the VITAS team started to use UI Bakery, they became more efficient in their work. Extremely helpful was that they finally had one single tool for all their processes. With UI Bakery, everyone in the team is able to gain access and work with the data without having to ask for help. Christine admits that they are just starting to use UI Bakery but can already see improvements in terms of time and money. They are very excited about the future and how UI Bakery will allow them to save even more resources. 

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