The challenge

The AM team needed a tool to connect in an accessible way through an administrative operator with Firebase. In Firebase, they host the subscription and payment status of their subscribers. Since updating data in Firebase using the WEB terminal is complex and highly dangerous for an unqualified operator, the team was looking for a solution that would allow a member of an admin team to manage the data without the risk of messing it up. 

According to Jose, who handles R&D and development in Alarmas Marshall, despite having experience in Hardware and Firmware, making a user interface was not really within his comfort zone. So the team had two options: to either hire an expert or find a solution that is easy and fast to implement.

The solution

Jose didn't have experience with any other alternatives. Searching the web, their team found UI Bakery and decided to give it a try. The goal was to build an interface that could be operated by an administration person and the tasks had to be carried out in record time and with internal personnel. 

With UI Bakery, the team had their first functional version ready within 48 hours, with a little help from the UI Bakery support team. As a result, they have built two interfaces to access databases hosted in Firebase realtime in order to ‌manage data from their clients.

The result

UI Bakery allowed the AM team to quickly introduce the UI tools to manage the Firebase data. The main achievement is that using UI Bakery’s services has saved the team a lot of time and essentially allows an administrative person to handle the Firebase data. 

Jose admits that he likes the simplicity of the tool and the fact that whenever he needed support he got it. Jose is looking forward to the new features and video tutorials, and we are happy to enhance the experience for you. Good job, Jose and the whole Alarmas Marshall team! 🤩

Check out a video review from Jose, R&D director at Alarmas Marshall
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