Bylmo’s digital transformation of day-to-day operations with UI Bakery

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The Сhallenge

The Сhallenge

Bylmo faced a significant hurdle in finding suitable tools to streamline its unique business processes. Existing ERPs were either too expensive or incapable of accommodating their intricate operations, leading to fragmented workflows using over 20 separate tools.

Building internal apps posed a learning curve for the team. They struggled with adapting to tool logic and capabilities. Creating responsive UI across different screens and thematic settings additionally emerged as a substantial challenge.

To find the right tool, Diego performed extensive research involving 44 CRUD tools and deep testing of 24 options to make the right choice. Following the tests, he was choosing between UI Bakery and Budibase, which resulted in him sticking to UI Bakery after all.

The Solution

UI Bakery emerged as the optimal solution due to its robustness, high customization capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, aligning well with Bylmo's vision for scalable operations.

Bylmo's objectives encompassed the seamless execution of day-to-day tasks, digital transformation through automation, inclusion of previously unattainable processes due to technological limitations, and aligning operations with sales targets.

With UI Bakery, Bylmo successfully created an Order Management System application with sophisticated logic and integration capabilities across multiple external platforms like Shopify. Additionally, a Seller Center app was built for external providers to efficiently manage order statuses and invoices.

The Result

The Result

Enhanced App Development Processes 

As the team grew proficient with UI Bakery, Diego claims to have adopted more efficient methodologies in developing certain functionalities. The UI Bakery's responsive customer service and AI assistant significantly contributed to their progress.

Goal Achievement Status

While already in production in a beta version, Bylmo continues to make steady strides toward achieving its predetermined goals.

Resource Savings through UI Bakery

The adoption of UI Bakery resulted in substantial savings in time, effort, and expenditure compared to the alternative options of building front-end software from scratch or employing expensive resources.

Time Saved Estimate

By leveraging UI Bakery, Bylmo estimated saving over a year's worth of development time for the team, considering the tool's efficiency and rapid development capabilities.

Diego expressed satisfaction with UI Bakery's service, particularly praising the human touch and accessibility of the service, the fair pricing model suitable for startups, and the ability to have unlimited base users.

Bylmo's journey with UI Bakery reflects the transformative impact of adopting a versatile tool tailored to their specific needs, streamlining operations, and paving the way for scalable growth in the competitive market of home necessities.

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The UI Bakery platform offers a cost-effective approach to creating applications. With UI Bakery, you can achieve your app development goals without breaking the bank.

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Very capable tool with good customer support. It is incredibly powerful. The support when I needed it has been great...