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What's new: March 2023

UI Bakery Team
UI Bakery Team
April 1, 2023
What's new: March 2023

The breath of spring is in the air, everything’s starting to bloom, and so is UI Bakery.  March brought a lot of energy to our team, and we are thrilled to share the first spring release features with you.

! See the full list of the new items in our changelog or check out the recap of the best ones below.

Actions library

This feature was among one of the most requested. You were asking for an option that would allow the reusable actions, so we have introduced the actions library! Actions library is a collection of actions that can be reused across multiple applications. These actions are not directly connected to any application, but can use different data sources and accept parameters to customize the action. More details about the action library can be found here.

Table compact mode

We are constantly working on improving the look and feel of your applications. This month, we have added a compact mode for a table. The height of the table rows can now be configured.To achieve a more compact view of your table, you can set up the dense row height in the Appearance section of the table settings.

Code formatting button

We have introduced the code formatter for easier code formatting and readability. To format the code, you can either use the button in the code area, or use the hot keys combination CMD(CTRL)+ALT+L. Additionally, for a better coding experience, we have updated the code editor with the search option. In case you need to quickly fix the incorrect syntax or just find a piece of code, you can now quickly search for the necessary keyword. Use the hotkeys  Shift + Ctrl + F/Cmd + Option + F to open the search field.

Database schema

A new database schema tab has been added to the right-side action panel. The database schema (as it logically goes out of its name provides the schema of the database which is currently in use. In the schema, you can see the list of the database's tables with their columns and the types.

Hide workspace menu option

There are cases when you don’t want to display the workspace menu to your end-users.For this purpose, we have added an option to hide the workspace menu for end-users. The setting is available in the Workspace settings, and when enabled, the end-users will  not see the workspace menu, just the interface of the app. For the workspace admin, the menu remains visible. Note! If your end-users should have access to more than one app, you will need to create a custom menu for navigation (e.g. using the brand-new reusable header!).

Multiple users invite

We know how important this feature was, so we finally have it aboard! You can now invite several users in bulk. Specify their email addresses and roles - et voila!

Firebase data sources

We have expanded our data sources list with the 3 new Firebase data sources. Previously, UI Bakery supported only the client-side integration with Firebase. Right now, you can add your Realtime DB, Firestore or Firebase Auth services as a standalone data source to manage your Firebase data and users. Check out more in the docs.

Interval action type

The new interval action type allows you to run certain actions at a required interval. The default interval is 3000 ms, and you can configure your own frequency. The interval can be canceled upon a certain condition, and stopped from executing in case the previous one hasn’t finished.

Other News

In the next releases, we are planning to introduce Open API support, dynamic components height, form data for HTTP requests, as well as new permissions set for the workspace users to manage the environment access. Stay tuned!

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