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What's new: June 2023

Vlad Lugovsky
Vlad Lugovsky
July 13, 2023
What's new: June 2023

Despite the urge to take that long-deserved summer vacation, the UI Bakery team is working hard to improve your experience. The June UI release notes are bursting with excitement, and some seriously awesome features. Among them, the AI assistant, reusable modules, Python integration, and a lot of cool enhancements. See the full list of the new items in our changelog or check out the recap of the best ones below.


Weeks of hard work have finally paid off - we are happy to announce the modules! A module is a part of a proper application that can be reused across other apps. No need to re-create some complex logic again and again - use the modules instead to save the valuable development time. Learn more in this doc.

Data source environment switcher in builder

For better troubleshooting of the cases when an action is working perfectly in a dev environment, but is not working on a production, we have added the environment switcher. To check for the possible root causes of an issue, just switch the environment and launch the action again. Find out more details about the troubleshooting here.

AI assistant

The UI Bakery AI assistant has been finally released! We couldn’t be less happy about it - after all, this is our custom development, and we are very proud of the result. 

The AI assistant is available in the builder mode for the admins/ editors of the workspace. It can help you with your technical questions, queries and code examples. The chat history is saved, so you can get back to some of the earlier questions.

Please note that sometimes your coding buddy might make some mistakes - after all, we are all humans! If you have any doubts about the answer, feel free to let us know in the live chat.

Python code step 

The new Python code step allows you to run the Python code that will be executed on the backend. Some of the use cases include data mapping and transformation, but also the  execution of machine learning-related functions. Find out more in this doc.

Table filter type

To enhance the filtering possibilities of the table, we have added the ability to set a filter type. The functionality is available under a new Filter settings section, and contains Equal and Includes filter types. Check the guide for more information.

Digest Auth

Introducing a fresh authentication method - Digest Auth! With Digest Authentication, service providers can validate user credentials using a web browser. To harness the power of Digest Auth for your data sources, simply choose Digest Auth from the Auth options dropdown and provide your username and password. Rest assured, your credentials will be securely stored in the database.

Action setup enhancement 

The action setup flow has undergone some change. From now on, you need to first select the data source you want to work with, and based on your choice you will see the list of the available operations for that particular data source. 

Multi-file upload

Need to handle multiple files at once? We've got you covered with the multi-file upload feature. The option is available for a file picker and an image picker. To activate the multi-file mode, check the Multiple toggle in the picker’s settings.

MongoDB command action type

The MongoDB action type has been added to execute the commands to your MongoDB using a db.command method. The MongoDB command allows you to perform advanced operations, run aggregation pipelines, execute complex queries, and take advantage of specialized features specific to MongoDB. Check out some examples in the docs.

New grid version

We've given our grid a makeover to boost its flexibility. If you're on older workspaces, keep an eye out for the "Upgrade available" notice. While you can still stick with the older version, we highly recommend embracing the updated version for an enhanced experience.

The major changes revolve around component positioning. Now, when you hide a component, the other components fill the vacant spot. But that's not all! We've also introduced a nifty feature called "Preserve space when hidden." With this option, hidden components no longer make way for others to take up their space. Instead, an empty spot is left behind, preserving the original layout. Curious for more details? Look no further than here!

Coming soon

In the next release, we are planning to introduce some new AI features, more enhancements to the grid,  . Stay tuned! 🔥

Don’t forget that we have a public roadmap where you can keep an eye on the upcoming changes, as well as leave your feature requests.

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