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What's new: February 2023

UI Bakery Team
UI Bakery Team
March 1, 2023
What's new: February 2023

February is a month of love, and we are excited to present the novelties of the month built with love for you!

The brand new list and grid views, a header component, new data sources, HTTP client credentials flow and other. See the full list of the new items in our changelog or check out the recap of the best ones below.

List and grid components

The brand new list and grid components allow you to display the collection of items from your data. The components can be easily modified based on your requirements, so you can quickly create a custom layout.

Reusable header

This has been one of the most requested features for a while now, and it’s finally here! The reusable header serves as a navigation bar that saves its state across all pages and can be customized according to your needs. You can play around with the header’s style and make it stick when required.

AWS Lambda and AWS API data sources

We have expanded the data sources list with AWS Lambda and AWS API data sources. The data sources give the possibility to interact with AWS Lambda functions and with different AWS services that support access via HTTP API and Signature V4 signing. Read more in the documentation: using AWS API and using AWS Lambda.

HTTP client credentials flow

We have introduced client credentials flow for HTTP data source connection. Now, you can grant the permissions to the UI Bakery application and authenticate and authorize it directly rather than a user.

ECharts custom config option

To enhance your charts game, we have implemented the ability to build not only the default charts, but also use the ECharts library configurations. ECharts library offers a wider range of chart styles available, from basic to the most complex charts and their combinations. Just copy the chart config from the ECharts documentation - and magic! Your fancy chart is here!

CSS styling

For more flexibility in terms of styling, we have added a Styling section for each component, so that you could customize their look with CSS. You can now easily assign multiple custom classes to the components. Find out more about the custom CSS styling here.

On AppLoad trigger

We have implemented app triggers to allow you to set certain actions on application load. App triggers are executed globally on app load and can be used to load app configurations or to check user authorization.

Other News

In the next release, we are planning to introduce the reusable modules, JavaScript formatter, dynamic component height setting and responsive design switcher. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget that we have a public roadmap where you can keep an eye on the upcoming changes, as well as leave your feature requests.

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