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What's new: December 2023

Vlad Lugovsky
Vlad Lugovsky
December 31, 2023
What's new: December 2023

Before entering the Christmas holiday mood, our team has been busy in the tech wonderland, bringing you a sack full of features that will make your heart skip a beat. Let's dive into this release!

New components - the UI Bakery library grows! 🤩

new components
  • Accordion: For those times when you want to keep things compact yet comprehensive. Now, easily combine various collapsible items within one container. It's like a musical accordion but with code!
  • Collapsible Card: Get ready to tidy up your UI with our brand-new collapsible card. It helps keeping things neat and offering multiple views!
  • Rich Text Editor: The long-awaited maestro of formatting has finally arrived! Customize your content to your heart's desire - bold, italic, underline - you name it!
  • QR Code: Say goodbye to the hassle of sharing data! Craft QR codes effortlessly and become a modern-day tech wizard.
  • File Dropzone: No more dull file searches! Just click, drag, and drop those files like a boss. Uploading files has never been this smooth.

Table enhancements 📝

table enhacements

We constantly keep adding new features to the table component, and this time, we are happy to present a table summary row and the new “Enable editing” setting.

  • Summary row: gives you the option of customizing the total for different table columns as required. 
  • Enable editing setting: allows you to control the value additions to specific columns.

Data sources: search by type or id 🔎

‍Data sources: search by type or id

This update allows you to navigate through your data sources by type or ID. The feature is aimed to elevate overall usability, making each search more intuitive and efficient. Enjoy a smoother journey through your data sources!

Automations updates ⚙️

Automations updates

The Automations have also undergone a few major updates. Check them out ⬇️

  • Git in Automations: Level up your release game with Git now available in Automations! The feature is now in beta, so if you want to give it a go, please contact us at [email protected]
  • Error Notifications: No more secrets! Get alerted immediately if your Automation fails. It's like having your personal IT elf watching over things.

Actions get an upgrade! 💻

Actions get an upgrade!
  • Copy Actions: Copy and paste actions across pages and apps like a tech magician! 
  • Start from a Certain Step: Run multi-step actions from any selected step. The power is in your hands!

Push to Git: Git facilitates the synchronization of code and SQL steps by supporting them as distinct files

Other News 🤓

🚨 Upcoming Airtable Authentication Changes: As recently announced by the Airtable team, they plan to completely phase out the user API keys by the end of January 2024. To keep your Airtable applications running smoothly, we ask you to update the data source configuration by providing personal access tokens instead of the API keys. Please find more information here and do not hesitate to contact us if in doubt.

A sneak peek at what's next in UI Bakery (hint: it's not bread, it's features) 🔮⏳

Stay tuned for some epic stuff coming your way - access container input properties, release from any branch for Git version control, custom-structured forms, and more! Stay tuned for more updates! Don’t forget to post your ideas to our public roadmap.

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