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What's new: April 2023


UI Bakery Team

Hey, hey, hey! Kate here with the April monthly update for UI Bakery. If you're wondering what we've been up to, well, let me tell you – it's been a wild ride. Our team has been working so hard that we've been surviving on coffee and sugar highs alone. But wait, that's the life of a software developer, am I right?

We've been making UI Bakery even more user-friendly than ever before. Excited to learn more about the new features of April? Read on! 

Say Hello to our latest data sources: JDBC, Redis, and AWS Athena 🚀

We have expanded our data sources list by adding three new data sources: JDBC data source, Redis data source, and AWS Athena data source.

  • The JDBC data source allows users to connect to a variety of databases, making it easier to access data from databases not supported in UI Bakery directly. 
  • With the Redis data source, users can connect to a distributed in-memory database, which is ideal for caching frequently accessed data or storing temporary data.
  • Additionally, the AWS Athena data source allows users to query data stored in Amazon S3 using SQL, making it easier to analyze large datasets without the need for a separate data warehouse.

UI Bakery's new File, File Picker, Image Picker, and Signature components are here to change the file uploading game 🖼️

A round of applause for the brand new image picker, file picker, file and signature components 👏

The file picker components allow you to easily upload your files with UI Bakery. The signature component enables users to sign documents or forms directly within an app, eliminating the need for users to print, sign, and scan documents manually. This feature is particularly useful for apps that require users to sign contracts or legal documents.

The new environment permissions keep your workspace secure 🗝️

We have introduced a new feature that enables workspace admins to grant separate environment access to users based on their roles and responsibilities. This feature allows workspace admins to restrict access to different environments in the workspace. With separate environment access, users can only view and modify environments that they have permission to access, ensuring that the data is protected from unauthorized access. This feature improves security and control over the workspace, making it easier for workspace admins to manage user permissions and access. Please check the details here.

Responsive design for mobile layouts for those always on the go 🏃🏃🏼♀️

After some hard work on this functionality, we are happy to announce the release of the responsive design for different screen resolutions. Responsive design gives you more flexibility when building the interfaces for desktop and mobile views, as well as ensures that users have a seamless and consistent experience, regardless of how they access the applications.

To switch your app to another layout, just change the control on top of the builder to a required option. You can also control the visibility of your components based on the selected layout. Curious to know more? Check out this guide!

Empower your development with an ability to programmatically set state values 💪

We have added a new feature that allows users to set and reset state values programmatically. With the new feature, you can automate the process of updating state values with code. 

For example, you can save a state value with state.varName = 'newValue';, or reset it with state.resetValue('varName');

In the docs, you can find more useful examples.

Action list dropdown gets a revamp 🔎

We've made some improvements to the actions list to enhance your experience.

  • Firstly, we've added a search option to help you easily find the required action type, eliminating the need to scroll through a long list of actions. 
  • Additionally, we've reorganized the action types based on their functions, so you'll find them grouped into two categories: Data and Operations. 

The Data actions group includes all the action types related to working with data, such as Load Table and SQL query. Meanwhile, the Operations action group includes all the operational action types, such as Code action, Save to state/local storage, and Navigation. 

We hope that these enhancements will help improve the efficiency of the actions list in UI Bakery.

A file-sharing makeover with HTTP form data support 📂

UI Bakery now allows users to easily upload files using the HTTP action and form data and binary methods. These methods are particularly useful if you need to upload files from your device or a cloud storage service, or you need to upload large files or files that are not in a readable format. Overall, the feature is a great addition to UI Bakery's set of tools, making it even easier for you to build and design your applications. Check out more in this guide!

A sneak peek at what's next in UI Bakery (hint: it's not bread, it's features) 🔮

Thank you for choosing UI Bakery as your go-to app development platform! We promise to keep impressing you with our magic tricks. We've got some great news: we're making our platform even more accessible by introducing an extended free plan for both our cloud and self-hosted versions. Plus, we're unleashing our inner Tony Stark and developing a smart AI assistant feature to level up your app building game. Don't forget to buckle up and stay tuned for more thrilling updates from UI Bakery! 🔥

April 28, 2023
June 8, 2023

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