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Get insights on the changes in web app development in 2020


Tatiana Yudina

Web app development is rapidly changing. Reduction in project fundings and staff cuts affect web application building on the whole. The capacity, security, and resiliency of the companies are being sorely tested, and, unfortunately, many of them are becoming non-demanded. What’s more, online presence has hardly ever been more critical for businesses if they don’t want to lose profits during hard times.

Do you want to know how exactly web development has changed? Are you among those experiencing major changes? Want to know how other companies tackle new challenges and transform their web application development strategies?

Take a Survey to get the relevant market insights, and see the changes in the latest trends!

Who are especially welcome to participate:

  • Team Leads, architects, CTOs, and CEOs of medium companies, senior and middle developers conducting front-end or full-stack development services.
  • Senior specialists and managers in the IT departments of non-IT companies.
  • Senior specialists and managers responsible for business digital transformation.

More than a hundred companies have already taken part in the survey. Do not hesitate to join them if you’re concerned about web app development and its future just like we are.

April 7, 2020
November 24, 2021

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