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UI Bakery community's launched: share ideas, get tips, discuss

Eugenia Evtushenko
Eugenia Evtushenko
July 20, 2020
UI Bakery community's launched: share ideas, get tips, discuss

Our community is live!

Welcome to the place where you can get advice on how to squeeze as much as possible from UI Bakery. Discover how to properly conduct certain actions to get the results you need faster. Learn best practices and share your own UI Bakery experience with other users. 

Join the community to become a part of the UI Bakery family.

For your convenience, we created the categories you can build your discussions within:

  • How do I

Ask how to do particular things in UI Bakery, get advice (or give advice) on how to build the needed web app to help other users. 

  • Bug reports

Tell us about the errors you face when working in UI Bakery. Even if you’re not totally sure you’ve run across the real bug – let us clarify and handle it.

  • Feature requests

Do you think UI Bakery could be more feature-rich? Share your wishes regarding the features you’d like the platform to have, and tell us about their advantages.

  • Template requests

Have looked through the range of UI Bakery templates 1 but haven’t found the one you need? Leave your request in this category, or vote for the existing requests. We’ll prepare the most demanded template.

  • App ideas

Have some app idea but not sure if you can build it in UI Bakery? Tell us what app you’d like to create, what functionality it should have, etc. – and we’ll help you decide whether our platform is suitable for you.

  • Webinar suggestions

Have any ideas on the topics for future webinars? Are there are any questions you need us to cover during the webinar? Let us know – suggest a webinar topic.

  • What's new on UI Bakery

Here, you can find the UI Bakery news and a brief changelog. We regularly share the updates on the platform functionality here to keep you posted.

  • Uncategorized

Use this category for the topics that do not fit any of the above categories.

Pop in the community, or contact our team team directly with any questions and concerns you have regarding internal tools building.

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