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UI Bakery 2022 Year Recap 🚀

Dmitry Nehaychik
Dmitry Nehaychik
December 23, 2022
UI Bakery 2022 Year Recap 🚀

More than 70 new features. Countless improvements and bug fixes. Hours of internal discussions and meetings… As the end of this year approaches, we wanted to take a step back and recap all the stellar features delivered this year before kicking off the next. Please welcome the UI Bakery 2022 best of the best! 💫

Workspaces management & Users 👨🏻💻

At the beginning of the year, we updated the concept of the organization and have introduced the workspaces together with the new look and feel of the workspace dashboard. Besides this change, here are the other novelties:

  • Improved ACL: the ability to set multiple roles for a user and a self role update;
  • Page-specific access control: the ability to manage users’ access to the pages of your apps.

Data sources 💾

The data sources have finally gone global, meaning that you don’t have to re-configure the same data source in each application. Also, we have introduced data source environments, so you can try your application with test data before working with production. Let’s also see this year’s list of the integrations:

  • Oracle;
  • Redshift;
  • Slack;
  • GraphQL;
  • Snowflake;
  • Maria DB;
  • Amazon S3.

Components 🏗

There’s been an enormous growth in the components this year. We have more than doubled the number of the components, growing it from 26 to almost 60! 😱 The long-awaited card and modal, tabs, and countless enrichments to the existing components, namely:

  • Component methods;
  • 10+ new view components;
  • 10+ new input components;
  • JSON editor and viewer components;
  • Text annotate component;
  • Numerous table enhancements: bulk edit, server-side pagination, and more;
  • Select autocomplete.

Actions & logic 🔂

To allow you build better logic in your applications, we have introduced lots of improvements for the actions alongside the new action types. One of the best solutions for complex applications is definitely the ability to allocate the actions into the folders, as well as use global or page-specific actions. Other major updates include:

  • Auto-triggers for actions;
  • Actions logs panel;
  • Action performance info; 
  • Loop action type;
  • Notification action type;
  • Send message action type.

Releases & version control ✅

We are really proud of the release of Git version control beta. It gives you more control over your development process and grants your team more freedom in working together on the same application. Apart from Git, we have shipped other features to pump up your release game:

  • Environments & Releases history -  to easily test and safely fix your changes before deploying them to production, and keep track of releases and revert to an earlier version in a few clicks.
  • Audit logs - to keep track of the activity in your workspace.

Self-hosted 💻

The self-hosted version has undergone many major updates and improvements. Some of those include:

  • OAuth SSO;
  • Branding;
  • SAML custom attributes;
  • User groups;
  • Embedding;
  • External analytics.

Other News 🤓

New resources 📚

This year we were excited to introduce the new resources to you. First, we have finally come up with a changelog, so you could keep an eye on the new features and subscribe to the latest updates.

Then, we have published our roadmap, where you can vote for the most desirable features and also post yours!

Finally, in collaboration with our customers, we have shared several new use cases that you can use for inspiration.

UI Bakery team meeting 🏄🏻

Despite being small, our team is distributed globally, so this year we decided to have fun together on the seashore in Palanga, Lithuania! For 3 days, we were working together, discussing the new features, solving complex development problems and just enjoying the company of each other. 

We thought you are curious to meet the people behind UI Bakery, so here’s our only group photo from the surfing camp 😅At least now you know we are real people and love to have fun.

Happy UI Bakers!

Coming Soon… ⏳ 

We can’t believe how much we achieved this year, and we are excited about what’s coming next. We already have cosmic plans for the upcoming year and are beyond thrilled to launch Amazon integration, reusable modules and components, OAuth SSO token, and many more. You will love it! 🚀

The UI Bakery team is grateful to everyone who was with us and supported us this year! We are sending you lots of love and hugs for the upcoming holidays. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, y’all! 🎄🥂

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