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Building a low-code platform inside a service company – The Strategy Story


Eugenia Evtushenko

In UI Bakery, we all pursue one common aim: to provide you with the most cost-effective way to build internal tools, business tools and web apps without outstanding technical expertise and with much less effort.

Find more about our strategy and goals in the recent post shared by the UI Bakery CEO, Vladimir Lugovsky, on The Strategy Story.

Learn about:

  • How the idea of UI Bakery was born.
  • What was our initial roadmap & how we’ve transformed it on the go.
  • The mistakes made and the main lessons learned.

Get inspired by our experience, and come build your admin panel or a CRM integrated with third-party services (like Airtable), or any other solution you need using our feature-rich low-code UI builder. Contact the UI Bakery team to get a free demo and help with your internal tools building.

February 10, 2021
November 29, 2021

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Explore the UI Bakery internal tools development capabilities.