How a small retail business went digital with 3x costs reduction using UI Bakery

Eugenia Evtushenko

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Reboot is a European startup operating in repair & sales of all kinds of Apple devices, i.e. iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, smart watches, etc. 

One of the business directions Reboot embraced not so long ago is trade-in. They offer their clients – both individuals and large retail businesses – to trade in and buy out used and new Apple devices. 

Reboot needed to automate the device assessment process and contract of sales generation to facilitate managers’ work, avoid mistakes occurring because of the human factor, improve warehouse logistics, etc. 

To conduct digital transformation with the minimized development efforts and costs, Reboot opted for UI Bakery, a low-code web app development tool.


How to digitize a retail business with less costs using a low-code development tool
A web app for Apple devices assessment

To define the project scope, determine the most time-consuming tasks and prioritize them, the UI Bakery team conducted business analysis. An app mockup was prepared right in UI Bakery together with a future app design less than in 1 week. The app was web-based but the UI Bakery functionality allowed the team to make it fully responsive without leaving the platform.

After Reboot had specified the types, roles and rights the users needed to have on particular pages, as well as the features vital for implementation at the 1st iteration, the backend preparation stage was conducted. While all the frontend was built in UI Bakery, the team chose Firebase to prepare the backend. It provides user management and authentication, stores user data, and ensures API hosting. The integration of Google Sheets allowed for storing and quickly editing device prices without leaving the created application. 

The ready-made frontend was integrated with the backend. With the assistance from our team, Reboot made the final configuration, and the high-grade app was seamlessly deployed to their domain. 

How to perform digital transformation in retail with less expenses using a low-code approach
A web app allowing for digital transformation in retail

A full-fledged web app built 60% faster using UI Bakery

Thanks to the UI Bakery team’s efforts, Reboot got the following results:

  • The development of a full-fledged web app with a responsive design allowing Reboot to automate their business processes, and increase the number of clients.
  • The 3x acceleration of the trade-in and buyout processes including a contract of sales generation.
  • The 2х reduction of the app development time compared to custom app development.
How to build a fully-functional web app to digitize a retail business without coding
Digital transformation in retail using UI bakery

The newly-built application allowed Reboot to digitize their business 60% faster and 3x cheaper. The app allowed them to automate time-consuming manual tasks, hit the new markets, and attract new customers. Now, Reboot and their retail business partners save lots of time needed to conduct trade-in or buyout processes.

Looking for a way to build a web app in the short term?

Try UI Bakery. All the core features are available absolutely for free.

August 15, 2020

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