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Deploy and host the created app on a preferred domain right in UI Bakery


Eugenia Evtushenko

With the UI Bakery app deployment & hosting feature, you can easily deploy your app to a preferred domain without leaving the platform. 

Choose one of the 2 deployment options available in UI Bakery

  • Connecting a dev domain.

You can connect the web app you’ve built in UI Bakery to a dev UI Bakery domain.

  • Connecting a custom domain.

Before opting for this solution, make sure your subscription plan has a deployment feature. If everything's correct, deploy your app on your custom domain. 

Pop in UI Bakery, build your web application, and deploy it without leaving the platform. Invite your users to collaborate then.

Have any questions regarding app deployment & hosting, or the other UI Bakery features? Drop by our community: ask your questions, share ideas, leave your template / feature requests, or vote for the existing requests.

September 2, 2020
November 29, 2021

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